iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak demo video

There’s really been a lack of news about an iOS 10 jailbreak recently, but despite any updates, we’ve been able to count on iOS hacker Luca Todesco to show off his personal jailbreaks running on iOS 10.

Now, another iOS hacker that goes by the handle @ijapija00 is demoing his jailbreak, only this time, the spotlight is on an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.1. He claims it works on iOS 10.1.1 as well.

iOS 10.1.1 is currently the latest of Apple’s public iOS releases, so this is a pretty big deal in terms of breaking through Apple’s latest security updates. Apple has been battling hard against jailbreaking via rapid software updates, which contain a constant flow of bug fixes and new features.

This jailbreak demo is reportedly based off of a single exploit and is considered “stable,” which is a brilliant achievement considering iOS 10 implements Apple’s KPP (kernel patch protection) security. This security has been known to cause instability in improperly implemented jailbreaks.

Just like with Luca Todesco’s Cydia Substrate demonstration on iOS 10, @ijapija00 is using a specialized alternative library to Cydia Substrate to run tweaks on the latest firmware. While there is some confusion about whether or not Cydia Substrate works on iOS 10-10.1, Saurik seems confident it should work just fine, which according to a comment he shared on Reddit, questions the legitimacy of the video:

So he should tell me what he feels needs to be “patched” :/. FWIW, Substrate is known to work on iOS 10.0, and I have good reason to believe it works fine on iOS 10.1. BTW: I’ll say that one way to gain a lot of immediate legitimacy is to actually provide such details… rather than saying “waiting on saurik”, you say “on iOS 10 they changed X, and so we had to do Y, which is something saurik now needs to update”; it doesn’t affect your jailbreak (as this is something in userland which is totally unrelated to the exploit), and it makes it extremely clear “ok, this is actually real”, as the only way you’d be able to say something credible about that is from having tested it with a real jailbreak (and otherwise, as it stands, I still don’t see anything in this video which is really making me think “ok, this is a jailbreak”).

One thing that’s worth noting is he uses a set of third-party system query apps to show off the iOS version and the type of iPhone he’s using rather than going to Settings → General → About, which may cast some doubt because it’s not the standard way to showing off the software version in these kinds of demo videos. You should take this video with a grain of salt, just like the others.

Just like the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak from Pangu, this jailbreak appears in the video to be semi-untethered, which means it relies on a specialized jailbreak app on the device’s Home screen to boot into a jailbroken state after every reboot. This is different from a tethered jailbreak because you don’t need to connect your device to a computer to perform the process.

On the other hand, just like other demos in the past, this jailbreak likely won’t ever see the light of day.

It was built for the developer himself, who says releasing and maintaining a public jailbreak is a lot of work for just one person and carries a lot of burden of risk and responsibility for himself. His full commentary on why the jailbreak won’t be released is mentioned in the YouTube video description:

The major reasons for this not being published are:
1. Cydia Substrate is patched by replacing a library that loads the tweaks into the system. If we would have a un-patched Substrate for 10.x then I maybe would consider twice about this. But as long as it’s patched and I don’t own it, there’ll be not releases!
2. As a single developer, I don’t want to be responsible for other people’s devices, if they break or lose something. I neither don’t have the time to help people having problems with the jailbreak process itself.
3. Also, this jailbreak is stable sometimes and sometimes not. That means that it’s mostly used for testing tweaks or for private use and is NOT ready to be released at all!

So eye candy aside, the jailbreak demonstrated in this video shows that jailbreaking is indeed still possible despite all the security measures Apple keeps taking to try and thwart the community.

A public jailbreak is most likely to be released by a larger hacking team like Pangu or TaiG, both of which have remained silent these last several months. Pangu, on the other hand, did express their interest in creating an iOS 10 jailbreak when it was still in its beta stages over the Summer, so a light may still exist at the end of the tunnel.

Are you waiting to jailbreak your iOS 10 devices? Share in the comments below.

  • Yeah, as always with jailbreak, don’t expect a public release until iOS 11.

    • You could always lend a hand to speed up the process a bit, otherwise sit and wait and don’t complain how long it takes.

      • CryptoCoin420

        Geez, how did you get that he was “complaining” from his statement. Lighten up a little.

      • That wasn’t even harsh. They definitely have an issue on how long it takes why defend them, complaining or not? Those folks have their own lives and hardly get paid for what they do for all of us. Some people are so selfish now-a-days..

  • jgr627

    In the words of my boy Jeff…..meh 10.2 is around the corner and will patch this plus we getting new emojis

    • Mark S

      meh to emoji those are for 8 year old girls #StockSucksOS

      • jgr627

        And jailbraking is for what? 10 year olds

      • The King

        If Apple keeps patching jailbreaks in rapid pace – faster than I’ve ever seen before to be honest – then it’s clear that jailbreaking is getting THEIR (Apple) attention regardless if jailbreak news is in the spot light of the media or behind Apple’s closed doors. The joke when jailbreaking was seriously in the news was that Steve Jobs had an iPhone and he had a jailbroken iPhone. I feel that Cook has two as well, and is why they keep adding all the features they see from Cydia.

      • Damian

        Jailbreak does not get coverage because people of my moms age don’t even know how to do basic stuff on iPhone

      • Blip dude

        You’re basing an “excitement” of emojis based on media attention??

        There are people out there (I actually know a few people) who don’t even know about the updates to messages app in iOS 10, so I think it’s safe to say that emojis and Jailbreaking are as appealing as a wet carrot.

    • Josh Venegas

      Lol. Are you serious? Jailbreak > emojis any day.

    • mersc

      Lol seriously? Emojis?

      As far as stock vs JB… There is no comparison. The iphone is what it is today largely because of jailbreak developers. Nearly all of the features after ios 4 WERE jailbreak tweaks.

      I will remain on ios 9 jailbroken until a new jailbreak. If it never happens I’ll easily go to android.

      Jailbroken iphone > android > stock ios. No question for me, because I’m electronically proficient. Stock ios is fine for a lot of people that aren’t proficient, don’t care or are old. But for me, I want freedom to change my device how I want, not to be subject to what Apple says I can or can’t have.

      • jgr627

        You would leave the best eco system pound for pound for android if you can’t jailbrake no more? For freedom? You say your electronically proficient? Where! Are you nuts! What freedom is it that you speak of? The ability to remove your carrier name?

      • F*** dan

        Actually, when the iOS 4 PDF exploit was around, there was a jailbreak tweak patching the vulnerability before Apple could push an update.

      • mersc

        This is the exact narrow mindedness Apple wants you to have. I have already stated that some people are ok with accepting things as stock, some aren’t. You refuse to accept that fact. You go as far to say “we have everything we need now stock”. You tout this subjective opinion as a universal truth, a base logical fallacy that most are aware of. Google subjectivist fallacy. This is the reason “know-it-alls” are highly alienating. Hopefully for your sake, personally and professionally, this display is uncommon in your life. Your opinion has been opposed by several and can therefore not be construed as truth. For example, there are dozens of important tweaks to me and others that are still not available in stock iOS. Maybe you are aware of some of them, maybe you aren’t. It’s your choice to find and/or use them, or remain stock. No one else cares about personal choices. 🙂 If you don’t want freedom to customize and control your device that is totally fine, but yelling at others while confined in the box is neither productive nor attractive.

        As far as security with jailbreaking goes, I haven’t been exploited once in seven years of jailbreaking. Installing a package with security issues is a novice mistake.

        Your tolerance for another person to have a differing opinion is low, going as far as throwing insults. It’s not hard to accept and even celebrate others’ differences. Try it; I sincerely promise you and other people will feel better about you.

      • Blip dude

        Actually, yeah it is relevant because Apple still continues to do so, but no one obviously expects you to recognize that.

        And so what if a person wants customization on a walled garden?? I’m wondering how the f*** this affects you in any way. Sure, iOS has definitely advanced since iOS 3 and I can go back to stock iOS at any time (I did it for most of iOS 8 & 9), but if people are STILL Jailbreaking at this point then that only proves that not even iOS itself is perfect. Go ahead and bash Android, but both OS can still be shit and boring sometimes.

    • Favna

      you crazy? i just got a brand new iphone 7+. I would die for a jailbreak on there.

  • Vista

    Now we just have to wait : )

  • I always wait for the next jailbreak. The only exception is when I get a new device with a newer iOS version (but living in Brazil it means it will take a looong time to become true).

  • Troy

    If lets say this jailbreak drops (i know unlikely) and 10.2 is released will we able to get the new emojis with the jailbreak?

    • Vista

      i remember on the 9.3.3 jb there was a tweak to get iOS 10 emojis. so maybe?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Good luck for those waiting on ios 10 jailbreak!

  • ravinigga

    Still rocking iOS 10.0.2
    And updates my watch and Its weird from 7.30 to 5.16pm still 90% battery.
    What kinda magic put Apple in the watch?

  • Scott Curry

    “…who says releasing and maintaining a public jailbreak is a lot of work for just one person and carries a lot of burden of risk and responsibility for himself.”

    So you collaborate with other jailbreak-creators, and let a bigger group release it. Keeping it for himself and bragging about it is ONLY for notoriety and no other reason.

    That being said, I ditched JBing with the iOS 10 public beta and truth be told, I don’t miss it at all, except my wallpaper switcher. Fingers crossed Apple implements that feature in a future update.

    • It may be easier said than done. A lot of people cannot be trusted with your valuable exploits, which btw are worth a lot of money and could be easily stolen and cashed in.

      • Scott Curry

        I’ll admit, I don’t understand the value behind the exploits or how that could be cashed in. It’s always been heralded that JB-creators always performed for the general community and not for personal gain.

      • Well to be fair, I’m not pointing any fingers at JB creators. My point is who would this developer go to? Pangu and TaiG aren’t exactly easy to reach, and that means @ijapija00 would have to trust other “average Joes” that claim they can help make a JB tool. Those might be the people you’d have to be wary of.

      • njdan30

        Apple pays very good for finding exploits and vulnerabilities that’s how. Up to 200k

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      +1 for ya, dont need a JB after iOS 10

  • 7000rpm

    Leaving me rest assured.

  • 7000rpm

    Highly doubtable seeing anything from TaiG

  • 7000rpm
    • [RECON1]

      Settings/General/Home Button

      • 7000rpm

        Yah to prove he’s on iPhone 7

  • Vince Reedy

    Isn’t sometimes stable the same as unstable?

  • Diego Milano

    There won’t be any iOS 10.1 jailbreak now that iOS 10.2 is around the corner.

  • Agneev Mukherjee


  • PAULALLstar

    Who cares… Nothing everrrrrrrrr comes out from any of this. Jailbreakers are in it for the money rewards these days and nothing else.

    Im just fine with stock. Granted I want more features but its not life or death.

  • Ernie Marin

    Yeah both guys are just hoping Apple contacts them with a job offer, nothing more.

  • JH_Radio

    Yes, and I will not update until an untethered jailbreak is released. so I’m on 9.0.2.

  • Cones1r

    I’m down if one gets released but iOS 10 is pretty nice. I do miss Sprintomize and Activator though

  • iltas

    I’m n latest 10.1.1 should I downgrade to jb iOS 10.1 when it released is it True

  • Mecatrônicos Salê

    Waiting for 32 Bit JB on iOS 9.3.5 yet :/

  • Impreza

    Jailbreak or die.

  • Ivan

    Is it just me, or there’s 77% chared after the boot up, and on the top of the phone is still 100% ?
    It seems fishy.

  • Henry

    LOL..Taig and Pangu are really surrender to Apple now..

  • Mark S

    “On the other hand, just like other demos in the past, this jailbreak likely won’t ever see the public light.”

    the light of day
    released to the public

    pick one

    where do you people learn to write?

  • urrl

    Still jailbroken at iOS 8.3 and loving it.

    If jailbreaking dies then when my iPhone 6Plus goes its Samsung S8 for me.

  • Scott Curry

    That’s for a remote jailbreak. GLWT.

    This is in no way a reason for seeing LESS public jailbreaks.

  • Toon

    yes hope that we can see a jb soon, I want to jb my 7 plus

  • Anonymous

    Fkng Todesco again… o_O

  • Callum G-B

    Can we all just go back to the good old days of iOS 6

  • Erol face

    Its fake. The time is stuck at 09:41 and the video is longer then 3 minutes

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