SteelSeries Stratus XL (image 001)

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, the Stratus wireless iOS gaming controller by SteelSeries has joined the likes of Logitech’s PowerShell, Moga’s AcePower, Razer’s Kazuyo/Junglecat and C.T.R.L.i by Mad Catz, to name a few.

Monday, the firm announced a larger-format version of the Stratus, the Stratus XL. The console-style gaming controller works with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices and comes with a pressure-sensitive D-pad, dual-analog sticks, a set of four action buttons and four shoulder buttons (two pressure-sensitive top shoulder buttons and two analog trigger bottom shoulder buttons)…

Like the original Stratus, the Stratus XL is a wireless accessory so you’ll need to pair it with an iOS device via Bluetooth. Thanks to smart engineering, the controller has a dedicated pairing button to quickly connect to an iOS device via Bluetooth.

According to SteelSeries:

Similar to the Stratus, the highly-rated wireless iOS controller that launched earlier this year at CES, the new controller features red LED indicator lights found in the middle of the controller that displays the number of controllers or players connected during multi-player gameplay – allowing up to 4 controllers to connect to a single device.

The firm claims 40-hour gameplay with two standard AA batteries. There’s also a power switch to shut down the controller when not in use in order to maximize battery performance.

Like other iOS 7 controllers, the Stratus XL works with a growing number of App Store games which have implemented support for physical controllers, like GTA: San Andreas, Leo’s Fortune and many more.

The full-sized controller will be available later this year over at the SteelSeries webstore and through other retailers.

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  • omrishtam

    good to know that steelseries is now into this category.

  • DeAndre Enrico

    LOL the article didn’t mention the piece of info I’m most interested in for any MFi controller: price.

    • DeAndre Enrico

      Found elsewhere that price has not been announced:

      “The Stratus XL is coming later this year, and no pricing details have been announced yet. However, given the price of all the other MFi controllers out there, it’s safe to assume it’ll be somewhere between $80 and $100.”

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        If this true then it’s still much better value for money to purchase a jailbreak (free unless you get ripped off), the ControllersForAll tweak ($1.99) and a PS3 Controller (anywhere from $15 – $40 or $50)…

      • DeAndre Enrico

        Agreed. I had controllers for all before I lost my JB 🙁

      • Yeah, but if you lose your JB for whatever reason, then you’re left with nothing.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        In my experience (I’ve been jailbreaking for many years now) it isn’t often that this happens. It happened to me once when I owned an iPhone 3G but those phones could be jailbroken an unlimited amount of times thanks to the exploits used. Other than that one incident I’ve never ‘lost’ a jailbreak. Perhaps I’m being naive but I don’t think this happens as often as some people make out…

  • See, now that’s how you make a controller, all the rest can suck it, this one is for me.

  • ap3604

    Why the hell don’t these controllers have something that flips out to hold your iPhone while you are playing?

    Moga does this with their controllers, I hope they come out with a Bluetooth version soon.

    • ap3604

      For example: