Moga teases new MFi Bluetooth controller for iOS 7 devices

moga controller

Moga didn’t make a very good first impression in the iOS 7 controller space. Plagued by the typical new-category teething issues, the Ace Power launched to mostly negative reviews last fall despite its large built-in battery and dual analog joysticks.

But the mobile accessory-maker isn’t going to let a little bad press get it down. This week, Moga began sending out a teaser image (seen above) for a new MFi controller. It looks a lot like the Ace Power, but with one big difference: a Bluetooth button…

Where the Ace Power required a Lightning connection, it looks like this one will be able to connect to iOS devices via Bluetooth. That should especially appeal to iPad users, who up until recently didn’t have many options in the wireless controller field.

The space itself is growing though. We’ve seen a handful of new controllers in the last month thanks to CES and MWC, and more are on the way. The list of games that support Apple’s MFi controller API is also expanding, which you can check out here.

Unfortunately, we don’t know a whole lot about Moga’s upcoming offering, other than it’s going to unveil it next month at GDC (Game Developers Conference). If you can’t wait that long, I recommend checking out the Steel Series Stratus for $80.