Moga teases new MFi Bluetooth controller for iOS 7 devices

Moga didn't make a very good first impression in the iOS 7 controller space. Plagued by the typical new-category teething issues, the Ace Power launched to mostly negative reviews last fall despite its large built-in battery and dual analog joysticks.

But the mobile accessory-maker isn't going to let a little bad press get it down. This week, Moga began sending out a teaser image (seen above) for a new MFi controller. It looks a lot like the Ace Power, but with one big difference: a Bluetooth button...

Moga’s inbound Ace Power ‘MFi’ gaming controller gets video treatment

The prolific leaker @EVLeaks last week tweeted out a pair of photos that show off Moga's upcoming Made for iPhone (MFi) gaming controller.

The leaker also mentioned that Moga has named its interesting accessory the Ace Power and says it's the standard form-fitting variant which allows the iPhone to be docked itself right intro the gizmo.

And now, eager iOS gamers get to finally see the accessory up close and personal in a nice leaked vid. I've included it below so have a look and meet us in comments...

Moga’s upcoming MFi ‘Ace Power’ iPhone controller gets shown off in leaked photos

With iOS 7, Apple is for the first time allowing for 'Made for iPhone' (MFi) physical game controllers in a bid to solidify its mobile gaming lead. We've already seen Logitech's upcoming iOS 7 gaming controller (ClamCase is also working on one) and now a photo has surfaced depicting Moga's upcoming MFi controller which will come with a massive built-in 1800mAh battery, have a look at it below the fold...