Welcome to the seventh episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. We’ve got a whole lot to talk about today, so this happens to be our longest episode ever. Today we talk about JellyLock vs atom – a battle of the Lock screen launchers. We discuss Abstergo, along with our announcement of the winners of the Abstergo giveaway. We’ve got more details on Auxo for iPad, Facebook Chat Heads on iOS, more awesome sleeper tweaks, and we chit-chat about 1Password. Join us in this informative and fun journey into the world of jailbreaking.

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Abstergo giveaway winners (announced on show):

  • Plagrave
  • Joseph Schneider
  • alfonso hall
  • Wyeth Joseph Pio Deon
  • m13

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  • So ask jeff is gone?

  • who won the contest?

  • Thanks for everyone who participated in the Abstergo Giveaway – it was fun to see all your comments. I wish I could have responded more – I’ll try to go back and answer any comments or questions you may have placed there.

    To the winners: your numbers have already been added so enjoy!

  • Burnsy

    Question for the next podcast. is there any point jail braking a iPad? most themes are not up to date. eg (ayecon has more icons on iPhone than iPad just a example. love the theme.) and not many tweaks are compatible, but if they are it will probably be name Tweak HD and make you pay extra. rant over 😛

    • Gorgonphone

      i made mine 50% faster and enabled backgrounding and proper multi taking and them there are all the great tweaks and mods for app store apps also..

      • Burnsy

        True, True. but i still think that tweaks that work on the iPad as well should be one packed not two where you have to pay twice. like when auxo iPad comes out will i have to pay extra for that too, or will it be included?

  • Gorgonphone

    yall need some back ground music for this and some cool sound effect please..

  • Reflecting in the shower, the most tranquil of times for sure.

  • Question for the next podcast: What audio software do you use to record/edit the podcast? All iPhone based?

  • inf3rn0

    Love to see the podcast progressing each week, it gets better each time. May I ask, is this a “live” podcast? IMHO, it would sound best that way. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Thanks for the feedback. No it’s not a live podcast. It’s edited to remove boring parts, sound hiccups, and all those Skype downtime that turn our voices into in-understandable sounds.

  • seyss

    sebastien where are you from? curious about your accent

    • Actually he talked about that in the very first episode. The answer is France (Just like Jeff if I recall some old topic correctly by the way, might be wrong here).

    • I’m from France, born and raised, hence the thick accent. Jeff is from the US.

  • I still can’t get it, why is the title of this Podcast ”
    This relationship is over”?

    • At some point Jeff says exactly that when Sebastian says something which Jeff doesn’t like. Memory isn’t that good that I recall what exactly haha.

      • I listend to the podcast but i missed that. One hour Podcast makes me tired

      • I said that I use FireFox built in password manager, which triggered Jeff’s reaction, which ended up being the title of the episode.

    • good question. thats one of the reason i started listening

  • On episode 6 I left an advice for Jeff that his voice gets less loud the longer he speaks, well Jeff I must say “well done”! Noticed it a lot less in this episode!

  • so which one is better? atom or jelly lock? i fell a sleep twice while listening

    • Neither. Grabby is! I love how I can launch apps quickly from my lockscreen even with a password set. The apps sort of run in kind of a sandbox mode is the only way I can describe it (also yes I’m aware that all AppStore apps are already sandboxed). I can run any app from my lockscreen quickly even with a password set and not have to worry about security since everything I’ve tried (activator gestures, URL schemes hitting the home button, etc) results in getting brought back to the lockscreen…