Hide any app Newsstand glitch

The Newsstand glitch that we told you about a few days ago has opened up a whole can of worms for various other glitches. We posted earlier about the ability to create a respring shortcut by means of the glitch, and now we’ll show you how to hide any app on your Home screen using the same technique.

The nice thing about this trick is that it doesn’t require any outside apps, websites, or anything else to work. In other words, it’s completely self contained on the iPhone. Take a look at our brief video walkthrough inside to see how it works.

Video Tutorial

How to hide any app no jailbreak required

Step 1: Place any apps that you want to hide in the same folder and place that folder on the third page of the Home screen.

Step 2: Place the Newsstand folder on the second page of the Home screen.

Step 3: Use the Newsstand glitch, to place the folder containing the apps you want to hide into the Newsstand folder. Again, to do this you need to be on the third page, tap the Home button, and immediately tap and hold on the folder containing the apps that you want to hide. After the screen goes to the first page, immediately swipe to the second page containing the Newsstand folder. If you see your device go into wiggle mode automatically, then it worked. From here, tap the Newsstand folder, and then press the Home button. The folder containing the apps that you would like to hide should now appear in the Newsstand folder. Please see our Newsstand glitch post for more details.

Step 4: Next, you may either reboot your device, or use the respring glitch to quickly respring your device. I recommend the respring glitch, because it’s much faster than waiting for your device to completely reboot.

Step 5: Once your iPhone is back on the Home screen, check the Newsstand folder. The folder containing the apps should no longer be there. In fact, they won’t be found anywhere on the Home screen, as they are now completely hidden.

Step 6: To recover your hidden apps, simply reboot your device, or run the respring glitch for a second time.

Note: I only tested this on the iPhone 5, but it may work fine for other devices as well. Let me know what you find.

Even though the apps are hidden, you can still easily launch the apps from the Spotlight search menu. Simply search for the app in question via your Spotlight menu, and tap to launch the app.

It is possible to completely hide nearly every app on your Home screen if you go about this correctly. Obviously the Newsstand app will always remain, seeing as that is the means that you use to make the glitch work.

For those of you familiar with jailbroken iPhones, this is a good temporary workaround until we get a jailbreak for the iPhone 5. One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks is called Poof, and it lets you selectively hide any app installed on the iPhone. Until the time comes for a real jailbreak for the iPhone 5, I suppose this is the next best thing.

Have you tried any of the non-jailbreak tweaks that we’ve posted thus far? Do you plan on giving this one a try? Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.

  • FlamingOzone

    I think this only works on iPhone 5

    • Liam Mulcahy

      It works on my iPod touch 5G

    • Elfie

      I have an iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Gen, and an iPod 4th Gen of which all of them have the latest updates and this works on all three. I am an uncoordinated idiot and it literally took me over an hour of trying to get the timing and movements down. Though once you get it the first time it does get easier. If you think it isn’t working your probably just not doing it right.

  • Smontiel

    Nice little tweak for all those nice little apps 😉

  • Milad Khahil

    Wow Jef you are coming with one after another , amazing … I would love to find a way to hide the newsstand completely , that will be nice 🙂
    Already had my respring folder but when I used it , all my apps that I put in the newsstand came back again 🙁

    • put the newsstand into the same folder as your respring folder 😉
      Use this glitch to get it into that folder 😛

      • Milad Khahil

        Didn’t work 🙁

  • Newsstand glitch doesn’t work on my iPhone 4s 5.1.1. So I’m guessing this doesn’t work either

    • go jailbreak it. omg you’re lucky when you made the decision on not upgrading.

      • Yeap I jailbroke it and never letting go….. ok maybe until the next jailbreak

  • cydiahacks.com can do almost the same thing

  • SimonOrJ

    Newsstand is a glitch monster!!

    • pauleebe

      Even it wants to be removed 😉

  • You can hide the newsstand app by placing a folder on your second screen and place your newsstand on the third and repeat what jeff said move the newsstand into the folder.

  • cd

    Wow every one of those glitches have worked on my Iphone 4S 6.0.1.

  • Doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2

    • no it is working on my 6.0.2 iPhone 5. Maybe you should try again and again

  • It’s not working for me I have 6.0 Is this 6.1? Since I think that’s why it’t not working?

    • I have iOS 6.0, it worked for me. I had a hard time doing it, but when I first managed to it, I am able to do it whenever i want.

  • Siv

    This glitch is amazing. Next thing you know, it will allow us to install Cydia without jailbreaking :p

    • how to install cydia?

      tell me in detail…

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I tired it this way and couldn’t do it. Since I don’t use Newsstand I downloaded “StifleStand” easy to install for Windows and Mac. If you don’t Newsstand like me this is a easier way to spring without jailbreaking on your iPhone 5 or other iDevices. Onces the Newsstand App is in the folder it will “no longer” open forcing the iDevice to respring every time. Some made is this has pointless or useless. This trick or tweak is a good way to kill open apps in process, memory or refresh your cell connection without restarting your iDevice complete helping to speed up your iDevice.

  • Couldn’t you do the same with rag3hack?

    • JRaynor

      that in my opinion if no so good because that doesnt hide the app instead is does like a delete and for example if you hide the stock music app any other music player would not work at least that happen to me with Ecoute, track 8 etc that use the “ipod service” from the stock music app

      And still this is not a great thing either when you sync the iphone with itunes the icons come back again so is not only when you reboot you idevice

      PS. For the other people it works on my 4S with 6.0.1

  • Dan

    So… once you hide the apps, how do you retrieve them ¿

    • FlamingOzone


  • I followed the instructions and everything worked great, all folders I wanted to be hidden were hidden after using the respring folder but upon my next reboot it took every app that was on my iPhone that was in a folder out, did I miss something?

  • bloodshed

    thanx to this glitch, i clicked the home button during the last 2 days, more than i did since i got my iphone a year ago.

  • @dongiuj

    How do you hide the newsstand app?…

  • Travis

    I find the best way to permanently hide icons is to just create folders with every app you would like to hide in them, then place them all in one folder like you would to create a respring folder. It consolidates everything in one folder and stays there even after a respring!

  • Mustafa12332

    There is another trick where you can get out the newsstand magazines to homescreen
    1-press and hold the home button and hold the magazine on the same time
    2- quickly before the wiggling starts stop pressing the home button
    3- you will see the big magazine in your homescreen

  • Alvin Lenin

    i tried this in iphone 4s and it worked but it came back NOT IN THE FOLDER but sepertae!!!

  • Alejandra Luevano

    Doesn’t seem to work with iPod 4 iOS 6.0.1 ?

    • Alejandra Luevano

      Nvm, works perfectly (:

  • hi

    it works with ipad 2

  • Aldor Kigordid

    Tip: For the folder glitch at the end of the video, you can simply just try to open one of the folders in the newstand and it will respring… of course after the respring, the apps will vanish from the newstand. repeat the procedure to unveil them.

    Thanks for the video.

  • Fabio

    Show! Works perfectly on Ipad 4. One question, how to undone this?

    • Elfie

      Just restart your device. It will undo it.

  • Leanzy

    does it have to be the second page because all my apps are on the second page or can it be on the next page?

  • Emily

    This worked on my new ipad mini…you have the best and easiest tutorials! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH

  • Twofaceabt

    Does this work on a jailbroken device?

  • Ethan Lewis

    There is another way to do the respring trick idk if it works on other devices but it works on the 3GS. If you double click and then hold the folder once it is in the newsstand the device will respring discovered it when trying to get the apps back I just messed up but you can get them back