How to have the same iPhone app on multiple Home Screens

Do you have such a useful app on your iPhone that you want to have its app icon on multiple Home Screens? In the past, you could only have an app either on the Dock or any one of the Home Screens. But thanks to a hidden trick in iOS 15, you can create app icons of the same app on the Dock and other Home Screens. You can even have the same app on the same Home Screen multiple times! Let us show you how.

iPhone Home Screen showing several app icons of the same app

How to add the same iOS app to more than one Home Screen

Follow these steps to create copies of an app icon on multiple iPhone Home Screens and Dock:

  1. Swipe left on the last Home Screen to see the App Library.
  2. Find the app and long-press it until it creates a copy of the app icon on the Home Screen. You can also long-press the app icon and move it slightly left to add it to the Home Screen. (1st and 2nd images below)
  3. Alternatively, tap the App Library search bar or swipe down to see all apps listed alphabetically. Next, find the app and long-press its name (not the app icon), and move it left towards the Home Screen. (3rd and 4th images below).
Steps showing how to create app icon copies of an iPhone app

Once the app icon is created, you can repeat the above steps as many times as you want to make several copies of the app.

After that, you can move these app icons like normal apps and shift them to the Dock, first, second, and other Home Screens.

To remove the app icon, long-press it from the Home Screen and tap Remove App > Remove from Home Screen. Repeat this for other app icon copies you have. After removing the app’s last app icon from the Home Screen, you can find it only inside the App Library or via Spotlight Search. You can access Spotlight by swiping down the Home Screen (or even Lock Screen in iOS 15).

Finally, it’s essential to know that if you press any one of the app icon copies and tap Remove App > Delete App > Delete, it’ll completely uninstall the app from your iPhone. Obviously, this means all its app icon copies will also disappear at once.

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