Screen Time

How to fix Screen Time not working on iPhone and iPad

Screen Time on iPhone

Screen Time is a powerful feature that lets you do several things, like understanding your device usage, blocking apps, setting restrictions, and more. Follow these solutions if Screen Time is not working on your iPhone or iPad. These fixes apply to all versions of iOS, including iOS 15 and iOS 16.

How to see the number of app notifications you get on your iPhone and Mac

Know how many notifications you receive daily or weekly on your iPhone

App notifications are awesome most of the time. You can receive alerts for new emails, text messages, chat apps, breaking news, reminders, and more. But as you probably already know, these notifications can also be distracting, especially when you receive too many.

If you’re curious about how many app alerts you get on each of your devices, every day or every week, it’s easy to do with Screen Time. We’ll show you how to see the number of app notifications you’re receiving on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with options to make some changes.