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How to use Screen Time Communication Limits on iOS

Set Up Communication Limits on iPhone

With the release of iOS 13.3 came a new Screen Time feature called Communication Limits. This is a cool tool that parents have to limit who their children can communicate with during downtime or anytime.

So if you want your child to only be able to contact you or your spouse during their device downtime, for example, this feature lets you do that.

Setting up the Communication Limits on iPhone or iPad takes only a few minutes and we’ll walk you through how to do it in this tutorial.

Catalina’s Screen Time problems show an Apple stretched too thin

Screen Time is coming to macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina introduces new features and functionality for the Mac. Among them is Screen Time, the tool that enables users to see what apps and services they're spending time using. Screen Time follows the convention of features that make their debut on iOS later migrating to the Mac. Unfortunately, Screen Time's Mac implementation leaves something to be desired.

Screen Time's intent is to make you more aware of where you're spending your time – reading news, surfing the web, using social media apps, playing games. Just as important, Screen Time can provide essential details for parents concerned about their kids' device usage. The app also provides parents with lock-out and limitings features to help reign in their kids' use.

Understanding the usage reports in Screen Time on Mac

App Usage Report Mac

If you’ve set up Screen Time on Mac, whether for yourself or a child, you likely created limits, scheduled downtime, restricted content, or all three. But another great part of the Screen Time feature is its reporting.

If you want to see exactly how long your child spent using an app or how many times you picked up your own device, these interactive reports can be really handy. They can help you makes adjustments based on what you learn.

Let’s walk through those usage reports in Screen Time on your Mac so that you can decide if you need to make changes or if the settings you put in place are working.

How to restrict or only allow certain websites on Mac with Screen Time

Screen Time Allowed Websites List Mac

With the Screen Time feature on Mac, it’s just as easy to set limits and restrictions on your computer as it is on your iPhone or iPad. Whether for yourself or your child, you can minimize the time spent staring at a screen.

And just like Screen Time on iOS, this feature on Mac lets you restrict certain websites or allow only specific ones to keep your child from seeing something they shouldn’t. This is important for children of all ages and is easy to set up.

Here’s how to restrict websites on Mac or only allow access to certain ones with Screen Time.

How to use Screen Time on Mac

Screen Time on Mac

When Apple introduced the Screen Time feature with iOS 12, it was a nice addition for many. From monitoring your own device screen time to your child’s, the feature has many helpful and useful options.

With the release of macOS Catalina, Apple decided to bring that Screen Time feature to Mac. And it’s just as valuable on your computer screen as your mobile device. This tutorial walks you through how to use Screen Time on Mac.

macOS Catalina brings Screen Time to Mac

Screen Time is coming to macOS Catalina

Screen Time was introduced in iOS not too long ago, and the app, while it has its limitations, is a solid foundation for a tool that allows users to control app and device usage on their iOS devices. For parents, it's an easy, built-in way to help monitor and control their child's usage, too. And now Screen Time is coming to Mac.