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Safari private browsing button missing on iOS? Here’s the fix

Safari Private Browsing Button Missing iPhone

You decide you want to use private browsing in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. So, you open Safari, tap the button to open a new tab, and the Private button is gone. Where did it go?

If this is happening to you, it’s a simple fix. You made some changes to your settings and probably didn’t realize that it would take that Private button away from Safari. Here’s how to solve the case of the missing Safari Private browsing button.

How to recover a forgotten Restrictions or Screen Time passcode

Enter Screen Time Passcode on iPhone

Using a passcode for restrictions you set up with the Screen Time tool can keep those settings safe. It’s especially useful for parents who don’t want their children to access certain apps or just want to limit their kid’s screen time. So, what happens if you forget that passcode?

Unfortunately, recovering or resetting that passcode isn’t as easy as some might expect. Apple’s solution is to reset the device and set it up as brand new because restoring it from a backup will not reset that passcode. This is certainly not an ideal solution for most people.

Luckily, there is another way. Here’s how to recover a forgotten Restrictions or Screen Time passcode.

How to block access to specific websites on iPhone or iPad

Website Access Restricted on iPhone

If you want to restrict certain websites from being accessed on iPhone or iPad, this is easy to do. Before iOS 12, you could do this in the General area of the Settings app under Restrictions. But with the new Screen Time feature, you’ll need to head to a different spot.

Here’s how to now block access to specific websites on iPhone or iPad.

Content restrictions in iOS 12 still need some work

limit kids' screen time

Less than two months after it was first introduced, Apple's Screen Time continues to catch flack for what it does and doesn't do. First, kids figured out a way around the tool's time limitations. Then, it was accused of draining iPhone batteries too quickly. Now, the tool's parental controls are being criticized for blocking (or allowing) the wrong content. 

iOS 12 Screen Time suspected to cause excessive iPhone battery drain for some

iPhone battery replacement

Are you seeing excessive or even extreme iPhone battery drain after updating to Apple's latest and greatest mobile operating system? If so, you're definitely not alone because many affected people have taken to Reddit, Twitter, MacRumors Forums and Apple Support Communities to describe the problem, with some reporting that the new iOS 12 Screen Time feature might be causing up to two times faster iPhone battery drain when enabled.