StealthFolder: turn folders invisible on jailbroken devices

StealthFolder 3

Have you ever wanted the ability to hide a folder or app in plain sight on your iOS Home screen? StealthFolder is a new jailbreak tweak that lends such functionality to all jailbroken iPhone users.

With StealthFolder installed, all folders on the iOS Home screen are hidden, completely transparent, until you touch them. Once tapped, the folders open like normal, displaying their contents.

If you’re looking to hide specific apps, but don’t want the inconvenience of locking them down completely with Passcodes or Touch ID, then StealthFolder is a legitimate option.

Once installed, StealthFolder begins operating immediately. There are no options or settings to configure.

Any folders that you have already created on your Home screen will be hidden outright. This means that the mini app icon previews, the folder outline, and the label name of the folder is completely hidden from view, but it still takes up space on the Home screen.

StealthFolder 2

When you tap on a hidden folder, it zooms into view just like normal to display its contents. Unfortunately, the name of said folder will remain hidden, even when it’s open.

After closing a folder, iOS zooms back out to the Home screen, where the app icons inside the folder linger for just a second before abruptly disappearing. It’s certainly not the smoothest tweak on the block when it comes to animations and the like, but it works.

StealthFolder 1

A problem that you may encounter is when an app inside a folder receives a badge notification. When that happens, the badge is still displayed, even though the folder itself is hidden on the Home screen. This compromises the stealth state of the folder, which means that you should probably turn badge notifications off for any apps in the folder if you wish to maintain its stealthiness.

StealthFolder is a free jailbreak tweak that’s available now on the BigBoss repo. If you’re looking for a quick method for hiding apps in plain sight, and you understand its limitations, it’s worthy of your consideration.