iWebcameraiWebcamera is the iPhone app I’ve been waiting for a while. Not because I need it, but because it just makes lots of sense. iWebcamera is a new app available in the App Store that will turn your iPhone into a webcam.

After downloading the $4.99 app from the App Store, you will have to install the Windows drivers on your computer. Once the drivers are installed on your computer, connect your iPhone to the same wireless network as your computer and start the application of your choice (ie. Skype, Windows Live Messenger etc…).

If the drivers are correctly installed, your application should automatically detect the presence of iWebcamera and you can select iWebcamera as your active webcam in the applications setings.

You should now be ready to start using your webcam. Simply start the iWebcamera application on your iPhone and you are ready to use it as real webcam.

iWebcamera only provides a video stream. If you also want to transfer audio you will have to configure your computer’s microphone.

You can download iWebcamera from the App Store from here.

  • Bona

    Does this app work with mac?

  • I’m not sure but all Macs have a camera (I believe) so it’s almost useless.

  • ceg

    works great but not worth 5 bucks

  • Reno S

    I would like a webcam app within iphone so i can use it with my mobile iphone messenger.

  • Bona

    Haha most… Not all! I have a mac mini! 🙂

  • Yepp – so have I – and no webcam… until now 🙂

  • daniel

    Mac drivers please? 😉

  • aussie_pandit

    great app….. i use pc and was about to buy web cam($49) for that… but this app saved me $49(i got this app via installous)….. works perfectly as it should….

    • Japol

      how did you do it?

      • azariah001

        It’s a jailbreak thing. And technically not legal but good for saving money or trying out apps that have claims you think are a bit dubious.

        That’s how I got it too. Will pay for it if I actually use it enough. Been thinking about buying a web cam for Skyping. So well see I’ve just installed it so we will see.

  • Shawn Michael Hewitt

    I need one that is wired for a work project…. Can anyone help?