iPhone Ring Settings

There are many reasons to have your iPhone calls ring on your other devices. You might find it more comfortable to talk, easier to keep working while you talk, or convenient if your iPhone is on the charger.

Here’s how to set your iPad and Mac to ring when you receive iPhone calls.

Get iPhone calls on other devices

Grab your iPhone, pop open the Settings app, and follow these simple steps.

1) Tap Phone.

2) Select Calls on Other Devices.

3) Enable Allow Calls on Other Devices at the top.

4) Move the sliders to green for those devices where you want your calls to ring.

get iphone calls on other devices

Wrapping it up

For whatever reason, if you want your iPhone calls to ring on your other devices, the setup couldn’t be easier. Do you think it would be handy to have your calls ring on your iPad or Mac in addition to your iPhone?

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