Stolen iPhone’s Journey Seen Through the Eyes of a Getaway Car

We've told you plenty of interesting stories that involve thievery and the iPhone. This one is no exception.

Sue Huang's iPhone was taken, and she finally got it back five days later after the thief ransomed it back to her. Thanks to the iPhone's GPS, Sue and her friend Brian were able to recreate where her iPhone had been during the five days that the thief drove around with the device in his car.

They stitched together a video of the stolen iPhone's Google Street View location as it moved throughout the city of LA during a period of five days...

iPhone 4 Falls 13,500 Feet and Lives to Tell the Tale

Apple's iPhone 4 isn't really known for being a sturdy device. Handsets have been known to almost explode upon impact with the ground, even when dropped from a modest height. With that in mind, we're surprised to hear that one particular iPhone 4 managed to survive a fall of 13,500ft from the pocket of its skydiving owner.

Now granted, it's not going to win any awards for aesthetics since its plunge, but amazingly, the handset can still make and receive telephone calls...

China is the Land of Fake iPhones and Fake… Apple Stores?

We all know that China is the land of fake iPhones and bootleg tech. One-third of the iPhones in China are jailbroken, and we've seen countless ripoffs and iPhone look-a-likes come from the Asia Pacific region.

But what about physical, brick and mortar ripoffs of the Apple store? Apparently, carbon copy clones of the Apple Store abound in China, and Apple has yet to do anything about them...

Woman Offering an iPad in Exchange for Her Soulmate

Would you like a free iPad? Yes? Then we have an opportunity for you. Téa Smith is looking for Mr. Right. And she's willing to give the person that finds her a husband their very own iPad.

In her quest for romance, originally reported by The West, Téa decided to take to Twitter and announce that she would exchange an iPad for her future husband. She posted an open job opportunity for the whole internet to see, and she wants results...

TSA Agent Caught with iPad in His Pants

Yes, you read that headline correctly. While Americans have plenty of complaints with our nation's Transportation Security Administration, we can't deny that one agent in particular has... gonads (pardon the pun).

That's right, the now-convicted TSA agent, Nelson Santiago, was caught attempting to steal an iPad by means of stuffing it in his pants...

iPhone Tracks Down and Helps Arrest Burglars

We love these types of stories on iDB. When the iPhone is used to thwart criminals, it's always fun to read about.

The story of Lilli Gordon and her missing iPhone details how the smartphone's GPS was used by authorities to track down the thieves and Lilli's stolen valuables. Hopefully stories like this will teach would-be-prowlers that smartphones aren't the best items to steal...

A Humorous iPhone 4 Anecdote

I have a friend who works at Radio Shack. He sells a lot of AT&T iPhones to customers and recently had a humorous story to share with me.

A woman entered the store and angrily asked for a sales associate. My friend responded to her, and asked her what the issue was. She held up her brand new iPhone 4 that she had purchased the week before, and proceeded to complain that she had been ripped off.

She explained that she had paid for an iPhone 4, but that's not what she was given. She demanded that since she paid for the newest iPhone, the store should exchange the one she had for a true iPhone 4...

Apple Offering Free iOS Repairs Following Japan Tragedy

A heart warming story is traveling around the tech blogs today surrounding the often criticized Cupertino company's recent actions in Japan. No, this isn't more bad news concerning Apple part suppliers mistreating employees.

A TUAW reader sent the the blog a tip that Apple is offering free repair services for Mac users who were affected by the tsunami and earthquake earlier this year. According to the company's Japanese website, they are offering free repair on any Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that was damaged in the disaster...

Leaks Indicate White iPhone 4 Might be Coming

It doesn't seem all that long ago when the iPhone community was up in arms about the delayed release of the white iPhone 4. Time has passed and overall I don't hear much complaining across the front lines.

iPhone FAQ has a story that highlights an inventory leak from Canadian iPhone carrier, Rogers. The report shows a screenshot that lists the white iPhone 4 underneath the black version. It's noted that once a product is listed in Rogers Sales Central it emerges shortly thereafter...

What Would Things Be Like if Microsoft Had Invented the iPhone?

When I was in junior high school the only thing I knew about Apple was that they made computers with enormous floppy disk drives. The Discman was the hottest portable music player and it would cost you about $100 for the latest and greatest. Bill Gates was a nerdy guy who was also the richest man in the world.

Imagine if you will that Steve Jobs never came back to Apple and the quirky computer company died off, leaving Microsoft as the uncontested developer to produce us our technological fixes. Assume that the story plays out identical to the way it is today with Gates and company unveiling the now iPhone under the Seattle based company...

Former Stripper Wants Police to Hand Over Her iPhone and Naked Pictures

I love this story. A woman in Illinois is apparently furious at her local police department for confiscating her iPhone that houses multiple naked pictures of the former stripper. Her iPhone was seized as evidence relating to a criminal damage to property case that involved a car being keyed.

The now club owner, Bridget Polaski, is reported as saying the following to the Chicago Sun Times: