A Humorous iPhone 4 Anecdote

I have a friend who works at Radio Shack. He sells a lot of AT&T iPhones to customers and recently had a humorous story to share with me.

A woman entered the store and angrily asked for a sales associate. My friend responded to her, and asked her what the issue was. She held up her brand new iPhone 4 that she had purchased the week before, and proceeded to complain that she had been ripped off.

She explained that she had paid for an iPhone 4, but that’s not what she was given. She demanded that since she paid for the newest iPhone, the store should exchange the one she had for a true iPhone 4…

Confused, my friend examined her iPhone and confirmed that it was the iPhone 4.

“Oh really?!” retorted the woman. “Then why does it clearly say ‘3G’ in the top of the screen?!”

This is a true story, and I find it pretty funny. This should be a wake up call to Apple and the carriers to hurry up and release a 4G-capable iPhone, and prevent this type of mass confusion. Because you know, if one person thinks this way…