iPhone 4G

Why Apple Could Release a 4G iPhone This Fall

One of the most popular debates regarding the iPhone 5 is whether or not it will be 4G compatible. The next generation of 4G network standards are catching on quickly here in the states, as the new technology is substantially faster than its 3G predecessor.

While several Android devices with the new technology have already been introduced, it's widely believed that Apple's next handset won't have 4G capability. Multiple obstacles have folks believing that we won't see a 4G product from Apple until next year. Is it still possible that Apple will unveil a 4G iPhone this Fall?

Verizon Will Let Unlimited 3G Customers Upgrade to 4G Plans for Free, Good News for iPhone Users?

We've got good news for folks on the nation's second largest network. Verizon Wireless will not only continue to grandfather customers into its unlimited 3G data plan, but these customers will also have access to the carrier's new 4G unlimited data plan at the same price.

If you've got the old $29.99/month unlimited plan for your iPhone, you will get to keep that plan as long as you stay on Verizon. Big Red's unlimited 4G data plan will also be available to you at the same price, that is, whenever a 4G-capable iPhone becomes available...

A Humorous iPhone 4 Anecdote

I have a friend who works at Radio Shack. He sells a lot of AT&T iPhones to customers and recently had a humorous story to share with me.

A woman entered the store and angrily asked for a sales associate. My friend responded to her, and asked her what the issue was. She held up her brand new iPhone 4 that she had purchased the week before, and proceeded to complain that she had been ripped off.

She explained that she had paid for an iPhone 4, but that's not what she was given. She demanded that since she paid for the newest iPhone, the store should exchange the one she had for a true iPhone 4...

LTE-Enabled iPhone Won’t Be Seen Until 2012

Following other reports that Apple won't introduce an LTE-enabled iPhone until at least 2012, Digitimes has chimed in to affirm that there won't be an iPhone introduced with 4G speeds this year.

Besides the fact that Apple stated it wasn't planning on LTE adoption in the near future, the industry has indicated that bringing 4G to the iPhone simply isn't feasible right now. After the fifth generation iPhone is released this fall, it is expected that the sixth generation iPhone will have LTE support in 2012.

Analyst Says Next iPhone Won’t Be 4G

The notion of the next gen iPhone being a "4G" device has been debated for quite some time. Originally, it was thought to be a possibility that the next iPhone could bring 4G/LTE data speeds, but then Apple made a statement during its last earning's call that 4G would "force a lot of design compromises" that the company "was not willing to make."

A recent update to AT&T's marketing strategy changed the requirements for a device to be labeled "4G," and it was thought that the next iPhone would fall under these requirements. Now, another analyst from BMO Capital is stating that Apple won't release on iPhone with 4G speeds until at least 2012.

Apple Will Call the Next iPhone “4S?”

We've heard iPhone 5, 4G, 4GS, and 4S as possible names for Apple's next gen iPhone. Recently, select develepors started receiving iPhone '4S' prototypes for testing purposes. There's even been some leaked images of what is an alleged iPhone 4S with a slightly larger screen than the iPhone 4.

Following other hints that the next iPhone will be called the "4S," an industry analyst from Jefferies has reported that Apple will indeed call the device the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4 WiMAX Case Delivers 4G Speeds in South Korea

There's been plenty of debate as to when the iPhone will have 4G speeds. Some think it will happen with Apple's very next release, but most agree that we won't see any sort of LTE/4G speeds on our beloved iPhones until at least next year.

While any sort of iPhone 4G may be a long ways away here in the United States, a new case in South Korea is already equipping the iPhone 4 with WiMAX/4G data speeds...

Will the Next iPhone Be Called ‘4G’?

Will Apple call the next gen iPhone the 4G? Most have been calling the unannounced device the iPhone 5, but recent reports speculate that Apple could end up calling it the 4s (like the 3GS).

AT&T has changed its 4G nomenclature to include devices that previously weren't fast enough to be considered "4G." In AT&T's latest series of marketing campaigns, they have started to call slower devices "4G." The devices that are referenced by AT&T posses the same speeds as what is expected from the next iPhone.

iPhone Won’t Have 4G Until At Least 2012

Speculation has been that Apple could possibly introduce an LTE/4G iPhone in the coming year. Some even thought that Apple pushed back the iPhone 5's announcement to wait for LTE saturation in the U.S.

Will we see an iPhone 4G this September? According to both Apple and the LTE industry, it doesn't look hopeful...

Will the iPhone 5 Have LTE?

Recent rumors have said that Apple won't be releasing the iPhone 5 at WWDC in June. TechCrunch reported that iOS 5's release will be pushed back to the fall, and that we won't see any hardware announcements from Apple this summer.

If this report is true, this year will look very different for Apple. The company's product cycle has always been fairly predictable, but circumstances surrounding the iPhone point to an unusual set of releases this year.

Specifically, consensus seems to be that LTE could be playing a role in Apple's decisions surrounding the next iPhone...