Analyst Says Next iPhone Won’t Be 4G

The notion of the next gen iPhone being a “4G” device has been debated for quite some time. Originally, it was thought to be a possibility that the next iPhone could bring 4G/LTE data speeds, but then Apple made a statement during its last earning’s call that 4G would “force a lot of design compromises” that the company “was not willing to make.”

A recent update to AT&T’s marketing strategy changed the requirements for a device to be labeled “4G,” and it was thought that the next iPhone would fall under these requirements. Now, another analyst from BMO Capital is stating that Apple won’t release on iPhone with 4G speeds until at least 2012.

The Huffington Post,

“The device’s battery life would take a substantial hit from 4G data transfer, Bachman explained. He opines that the next iPhone release will be “more evolutionary than revolutionary” and might feature “a better camera and perhaps different casing.”

Another analyst recently said that the next gen iPhone would have HSPA+ support, so expect to at least see 4G compatibility. Whether the carriers are ready to support 4G for the iPhone is an entirely different issue.

It appears that people are starting to pick two sides of speculation when it comes to the next iPhone. Either the device will be a total redesign, or an incremental upgrade (like the iPhone 3G and 3GS).

What do you think? Will the next iPhone be 4G?