Verizon Will Let Unlimited 3G Customers Upgrade to 4G Plans for Free, Good News for iPhone Users?

We’ve got good news for folks on the nation’s second largest network. Verizon Wireless will not only continue to grandfather customers into its unlimited 3G data plan, but these customers will also have access to the carrier’s new 4G unlimited data plan at the same price.

If you’ve got the old $29.99/month unlimited plan for your iPhone, you will get to keep that plan as long as you stay on Verizon. Big Red’s unlimited 4G data plan will also be available to you at the same price, that is, whenever a 4G-capable iPhone becomes available…

All smartphone users on Verizon will be able to upgrade their unlimited 3G plan to 4G when a desirable handset is available. There have been murmurs of the next iPhone being 4G-enabled, but nothing new has come out on that rumor in awhile.

With more and more 4G Android devices hitting the market, Apple will be significantly behind the competition if it waits till next year for a 4G iPhone. The most recent speculation is that Apple will release two iPhone models at once this Fall, with one of the devices being a cheaper iPhone “Nano.” There’s a good change that Apple could introduce a 3G-capable iPod touch alongside a new iPhone.

iPhone 4G” sounds like a nice evolutionary step from the iPhone 4, since most sources have been saying that this year’s iPhone won’t be a complete redesign. A device that’s very similar to the iPhone 4 with 4G speeds would keep Apple on par with the rest of the 4G-adopting market.

Verizon customers won’t have to worry about upgrading from an unlimited 3G plan to a 4G plan if Apple does decide to introduce an iPhone 4G this Fall, which is good. AT&T will most likely follow suit and offer the same deal.

In summary, you’ll be able to keep your unlimited data whether you’re 3G or 4G- now it’s all up to Apple. We’re still skeptical about an iPhone 4G this year, but hey, it could happen, right?

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