iPhone 4 Falls 13,500 Feet and Lives to Tell the Tale

Apple’s iPhone 4 isn’t really known for being a sturdy device. Handsets have been known to almost explode upon impact with the ground, even when dropped from a modest height. With that in mind, we’re surprised to hear that one particular iPhone 4 managed to survive a fall of 13,500ft from the pocket of its skydiving owner.

Now granted, it’s not going to win any awards for aesthetics since its plunge, but amazingly, the handset can still make and receive telephone calls…

As CNN reports, Jarrod McKinney was skydiving from a plane at the time he felt the dread that only an iPhone owner can know. You know, the dread you feel as you helplessly watch your beloved iPhone fall to the ground. Unlike most of us, though, Jarrod’s iPhone 4 was falling from the same kind of height that planes like to frequent.

A building’s roof was the impact point for the handset’s return to solid ground, and its flabbergasted owner found it thanks to the always-useful Find My iPhone feature.

The fall offers an unlikely ad for case manufacturer Incipio, who’s product could well be the reason this lucky iPhone fared so well. The case however, wasn’t so lucky.

“The iPhone had protective gear of its own – an Incipio-brand phone case that was broken after the fall but still was on the phone.”

Thankfully, the furthest my iPhone has ever fallen was a couple of feet, but it still wound up with a couple of dents in the corners.

Guess I’m just lucky like that!

We want to hear your iPhone fall stories – can you beat the unlikely case of Jarrod McKinney?