How to fix No SIM, SIM Not Valid, and other SIM card issues on your iPhone

iPhone showing No SIM error on screen

Do you get errors related to the SIM card on your iPhone and can't see the cellular signal bars? As a result, you can't make calls, use mobile data, and send or receive texts?

Usually, this happens due to problems with the SIM card you're trying to use. Your iPhone will show error messages like Invalid SIM, No SIM, No SIM Card Installed, SIM Not Valid, SIM Not Supported, and SIM Card Failure.

Other times, the fault may be with your iPhone because of which it's failing to recognize the SIM card. Let's tell you more and show you how to fix SIM card issues on your iPhone or cellular iPad.

How to import contacts from a SIM card to iPhone

Settings Contacts iPhone

If you have a SIM card containing contacts that you want to put on your iPhone, this is easy and only takes a few minutes.

First, make sure that the SIM card you have will fit into your iPhone. To find out which size SIM card you can use with your iPhone, check out Apple’s support page.

Now, if you know the card fits, here’s how to import the contacts from that SIM card to your iPhone.

Augment your jailbroken iPhone’s dual-SIM capabilities with eSIM+

Apple’s latest iPhones, from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 13 lineup, support dual-SIM functionality. Straight out of the box, these handsets can have both a physical SIM-based carrier and an eSIM-based carrier configured on the same device for traveling abroad. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the native implementation of this capability on the iOS platform leaves a lot to be desired.

Here to help with this particularly disgruntling issue is a newly-released jailbreak tweak called eSIM+ by iOS developer iArrays. Just as the name implies, this tweak augments any jailbroken iPhone that supports dual-SIM capabilities, such as those mentioned earlier.

How to change the SIM PIN on iPhone

Enter New SIM PIN iPhone

Do you need or want to change your iPhone SIM PIN? Maybe you entered the code from your cell phone carrier and want a more secure SIM PIN or were able to create one yourself and just want to change it now. Either way, it takes just a few minutes.

Here’s how to change the SIM PIN on iPhone.

NoSimAlert hides those annoying ‘No SIM Card Installed’ alerts

If you’ve got a stack of old, deactivated iPhones laying around without SIM cards like I do, then you’ve probably become very familiar with iOS’ inherently annoying ‘No SIM’ alerts. Not only does iOS display “No SIM” in the Status Bar, but it feels the need to display Lock screen banners and pop-up alerts to remind you of the obvious not just twice, but three times in a row.

As a jailbreak enthusiast and jailbreak tweak reviewer, I use deactivated and SIM-less iPhones all the time, and I’ve come to loathe these No SIM alerts. Fortunately, a jailbreak tweak called NoSimAlert by iOS developer SparkDev can help tremendously in this department.

SIM-free iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will be available at launch

For this year's iPhone launch, Apple will be offering SIM-free models of the Xs and Xs Max on day one. This means you will not be forced to pick a carrier when ordering either of the two new handsets, and can instead choose to activate them on the [compatible] network of your choice, at your leisure.