How to stop sharing your location with apps and services on iPhone

Never Show Location in Settings

Using Location Services on your iOS device can be quite handy, but with it comes some privacy loss. There are apps and services that require your location and that Location Services be enabled. Apple apps like Maps and Weather, along with third-party apps like Uber and DoorDash obviously need your location to complete their jobs.

But if you’re growing more concerned about privacy and want to stop sharing your location with apps and services, you certainly can and here’s how.

Finally cancelling subscription services to save my wallet

After reading our commentary on avoiding App Store subscription fatigue, I felt like I could tighten the belt as well. I have a lot of software, streaming, and entertainment subscriptions to help keep my ear to the ground for the site.

Being in the streaming-know comes with the territory, but for normal consumers, picking a few quality digital subscriptions is most important. As a new year clicked over, taking stock in my monthly cash outflow was important to re-adjust budgeting. Cancelling subscription service dollars is important for a healthier budget.