How to stop sharing your location with apps and services on iPhone

Using Location Services on your iOS device can be quite handy, but with it comes some privacy loss. There are apps and services that require your location and that Location Services be enabled. Apple apps like Maps and Weather, along with third-party apps like Uber and DoorDash obviously need your location to complete their jobs.

But if you’re growing more concerned about privacy and want to stop sharing your location with apps and services, you certainly can and here’s how.

Stop sharing your location completely

If you aren’t using apps that need your location at all, you can simply disable Location Services in your device’s Settings.

1) Open Settings and choose Privacy.

2) Select Location Services.

3) Disable the toggle for Location Services at the top and confirm this action by tapping Turn Off.

Turn Off Location Services on iPhone

Note the statement you see in the Turn Off confirmation area. If you use Find My and enable Lost Mode, your location services for settings will be restored temporarily.

Turn Off Location Services Statement for Lost Mode

Stop sharing your location with certain apps and services

As mentioned, there are apps that won’t function correctly without knowing your location. You can’t get your local weather, order a ride service, or get food delivered if the app doesn’t have your location. In these cases, you can leave Location Services enabled and simply adjust the apps that are allowed to use it.

Then there are other apps that may like to have your location, but don’t require it to work. These include apps like bar code scanners, coloring books, and music services.

Head back to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You’ll see a list of installed apps who have requested your location. Select one you want to allow and choose an option. These options vary depending on the app, but most offer Never, Ask Next Time, and While Using the App.

Location Settings Per App

More on Location Services

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Wrapping it up

Your privacy is exactly that, yours. If you want to limit your location sharing for privacy concerns or even just because there are apps and services that don’t really need it, it’s easy.

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