This tweak makes it so jailbreakers don’t have to enter their passcode after respringing

It’s important to have a passcode on your iPhone or iPad because it helps keep your information safe by ensuring that only an authenticated user is able to access your apps and personal data. But have you ever found yourself annoyed about the fact that you’re asked to authenticate yourself after respringing your jailbroken handset?

Typically when you’re respringing a device, you’re doing it because you just installed a new jailbreak tweak or because you just applied new settings to an already-installed tweak. In both cases, having to enter your passcode to get back to what you were doing is an extra step that most users would probably prefer to do without.

ReachSpring lets jailbreakers respring with the native Reachability gesture

Jailbreakers know just how valuable the ability to respring their device can be, as it’s often used for saving settings that have been applied to third-party jailbreak tweaks, or for installing or uninstalling those very same extensions. With that in mind, it can be incredibly useful to be able to respring on a whim.

While most jailbreak tweaks offer some type of respring shortcut in their preference pane, not all of them do, and a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ReachSpring by iOS developer Luki120 ensures that an honest respring is never more than a simple gesture away.

SettingsButtons adds useful buttons to the Navigation Bar in the Settings app

Jailbreakers with any interest or intention involving the augmentation of their iPhone or iPad’s Settings application should promptly turn their attention to a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed SettingsButtons by iOS developer Ethan Whited.

SettingsButtons provides fast and easy access to commonly used toggles directly from the Settings app’s Navigation Bar, including but not limited to a Dark Mode toggle, a Respring button, and a Safe Mode button. Examples of these buttons are depicted in the screenshot example above.

Yobun Pro provides jailbreakers with quick access to advanced shortcuts

One of the many things iOS users may notice is that Apple spends lots of time refining the platform’s user experience with each and every substantial iteration, paying special attention to user-friendliness regardless of what a user’s age or technical know-how might be. One of the unfortunate burn backs of having such a foolproof platform is that users aren’t typically provided with much by way of advanced settings.

While the issue above can be somewhat of a bummer to those more knowledgeable in the arts of technology, the good news is that jailbreakers aren’t bound by the confines of Apple’s interface simplicity. Jailbreak tweaks, such as the newly released Yobun Pro by iOS developer Plat Ykor, offers convenient shortcuts for advanced controls that iPhone users can’t normally access on a stock handset.

Dragspring resprings your device with a drag gesture in the settings app

One of the things you might do a lot when you have a jailbroken device is respring. In a sense, a respring could be described as a soft reboot for appending changes to the operating system by way of jailbreak tweaks. Resprings can also be useful for other things, but regardless of why you’re doing it, it can sometimes feel cumbersome hen you’re trying to find a fast and easy way to respring your device.

We’ve covered a plethora of different jailbreak tweaks in the past that allowed you respring your handset on demand, but one of the latest tweaks to join that growing list of releases is an updated tweak dubbed Dragspring by iOS developer ConorTheDev.

Omega breathes new life into iOS’ power down menu

There’ve been literally so many different jailbreak tweaks made available for customizing the iOS power down menu that we can hardly even keep count of them all anymore. That aside, we still like to showcase those that we think look promising, and a new release called Omega by iOS developer JakeSnake certainly appears to fit the bill.

In the screenshot examples above, you’ll notice that Omega provides users with several different power down interfaces to choose from. Furthermore, if the basic iOS power down menu just doesn’t cut it for you, especially since jailbreakers hardly ever turn their device(s) off, then perhaps you’ll enjoy the tweak’s suite of alternative booting controls instead.

DockSpring lets you use your iPhone’s Dock to respring

Jailbroken iOS device owners know just how important it is to respring after installing jailbreak tweaks or applying changes to their extensions. That’s precisely why it’s convenient to have a means of respringing your handset on demand.

DockSpring is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak created by iOS developer neoney that lets you respring your pwned iPhone with a simple slide-up gesture from the Home screen’s Dock. Not only is it incredibly convenient, but the animations are top-notch as well.

Gump keeps backgrounded apps running amid device resprings

Perhaps one of the most bothersome parts about respringing your jailbroken handset is that when you have music playing in the background, the respring interrupts it, forcing you to manually tap on the ‘Play’ button to continue music playback.

Those who’ve been plagued by this nuisance for as long as I have will be thrilled to learn about the launch of a new jailbreak tweak called Gump by iOS developer Kurrt, as it effectively keeps backgrounded apps and music running even throughout the course of a standard respring.

Cosette lets you Respring your jailbroken device more easily

When you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad at your disposal, the question isn’t ‘if’ you’ll ever respring your device, but rather ‘when.’ Fortunately, there’s no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that make it easy to respring your handset from just about anywhere.

The latest of such tweaks is a new release called Cosette by iOS developer iKilledAppl3, which as the screenshots above depict, adds a convenient respring button to the first page of the native Settings app.

Add new features to your App Switcher with XSwitcher

If you’re in search of a way to make your jailbroken iPhone’s App Switcher more useful, then you may want to turn your attention to the likes of a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed XSwitcher by iOS developer CUNSTUCK.

As shown in the screenshot example above, XSwitcher lets you access various useful shortcuts in the App Switcher by just swiping down on any of your available application preview cards in the App Switcher interface.