The best music and radio apps for Mac

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If you love music, then you probably subscribe to Apple Music and jump right to it on your Mac when you’re in the mood to groove. But that may also mean that you dabble in more than one music source.

Maybe you also use Spotify to share playlists with pals who enjoy those services. Or perhaps you even pop on an FM radio station from the time to time just for something different or for a favorite radio show.

There’s no reason you can’t have more than one app on your Mac for songs and radio shows. So if you’re thinking of trying something new, check out this list of the best music and radio apps for your Mac.

AutoBlue imposes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi timeout thresholds to improve any iPhone’s battery life

Your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios are always searching for new devices and networks, even when they aren’t being used. That said, both can have an impact on your device’s battery life, and a new free jailbreak tweak called AutoBlue by iOS developer Karimo299 attempts to help you find that ideal sweet spot in between performance and battery savings.

AutoBlue works by automatically disabling Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi after a certain amount of time of being unused. The timers are fully configurable by the end user, and you can even configure the triggers that will re-enable Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi whenever they become disabled by the tweak.

WiCellSwitcher helps your iPhone conserve battery and reduce data usage

Your iPhone uses an assortment of cellular and Wi-Fi-based networks to keep you connected to the internet throughout the day, but as you might come to expect, your iPhone uses more battery and data when it stays connected to both.

WiCellSwitcher is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Bruno Andrade that automatically disables your iPhone’s cellular radio whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network, and as you might come to expect, it automatically turns the cellular radio back on again after your handset drops its Wi-Fi connection.

How to create a radio station in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Create Radio Stations Apple Music

Plenty of us create playlists in the Music app with songs we love. But sometimes music goes undiscovered if we don’t venture past those playlists. With this in mind, you can create a radio station in the music app based on songs you like.

You can create the station from tunes you see on Apple Music or those in your library. The songs on the station are similar to those you base the station off of. So, you can listen to music similar to your tastes, but may also hear something new. Cool, right?

Here’s how to create a radio station in the Music app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.