NotLiveText brings iOS 15’s Live Text feature to the Photos app on jailbroken iOS 14 handsets

Note-taking is a useful skill, but let’s admit it, we’ve all been in some type of time-related pinch in which it was more convenient to simply launch the Camera app and take a picture of something with text on it than it would have been to launch the Notes app and try to type out all the text verbatim. Business cards and street-side advertisements are both great examples.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for Photography on iOS 14

If you own an iPhone, then a substantial part of the user experience would be tinkering with the powerful camera systems that Apple invests millions of dollars into improving year after year. This holds true even for jailbreakers since they can enjoy even more convenience and performance out of their iPhone’s camera than basic iPhone users thanks to being free of Apple’s software limitations.

How to adjust date, time, and location of photos and videos

Exif Metadata for Photo on iPhone

With iOS 15, you no longer need a third party app to adjust the date, time, and location information on a photo in your iPhone. You can now make the changes directly from the Photos app. The new feature works great in the iOS 15 developer beta, and lets you easily make the changes. The Photos app now shows you most of the EXIF data for any photo or video.