Install iOS 14.8 and other Apple updates asap to protect against zero-click Messages attacks

The latest round of Apple software updates brings fixes for vulnerabilities making possible recent zero-click attacks that bypassed Apple's BlastDoor security in Messages. iOS 14.8 includes security fixes for two bugs that have been actively exploited in the wild. Do yourself a big favor and install the latest updates to close this particularly dangerous attack vector.

How to convert a PDF to a Kindle book

Reading Language Kindle Paperwhite

Not all books are available in the Amazon Kindle store. You can find many classics in PDF form that are available through public domain. So if you find a book on a site, you can read it in PDF form. But that’s not always convenient, especially if you own a Kindle Paperwhite.

Here, we’ll show you how to convert a PDF into a book and read it on your Kindle.

How to create a PDF handout or outline of your Keynote slideshow

Handout PDF from Keynote

You can easily play a presentation and have ways to print a Keynote slideshow as well. But what if you want to save it in a useful layout and maybe send or share it that way?

Keynote offers a helpful Handout view that you can use for taking notes and an Outline layout that gives you the presentation in written form. You can save both of these views as PDF files. Then do with them what you wish, here’s how.

How to view and recover previous versions of images and PDFs in Preview

Preview Browse Previous Versions on Mac

As you probably know, Preview on Mac automatically saves changes you make to an image or PDF file. While most times this is benefit, it can also be a detriment. You can create a duplicate before you start working on the file, but if you forget, then you’ve just changed the original. And this isn’t always what you want.

At the same time, you may make several changes that you decide you don’t want to use after all. But again, you’ve changed and saved the file already.

Here, we’ll show you how to view and recover previous versions of PDFs and images in Preview. This allows you to go back and grab an earlier version to use or copy.

How to manage PDF document pages with Preview on Mac

Contact Sheet for a PDF in Preview on Mac

Preview on Mac is a great built-in tool for working with PDFs in addition to images. You can sign a PDF with it, make annotations, and merge documents too. Along with all of that, you can manage the pages in your PDF document with Preview.

If you want to add, remove, or rearrange pages in a PDF, Preview on Mac lets you do it easily, here’s how.

How to extract photos and images from PDF documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader Copy Selected Graphic

If you receive a PDF document and want to hold onto one of the photos or images from it, it’s a little more difficult than doing so with a Pages or Word document. PDF documents are intended to be more secure than others. So for editing a PDF, you normally need special software, an app, or an online tool.

If you’ve invested in something like Adobe Acrobat, then things like image extractions are easy. But if you don’t create or edit PDFs regularly, what tool can you use to save an image from a document?

Here are a few ways to extract a photo or image from a PDF file.

How to mark up images and PDFs directly in Notes on Mac

Markup a PDF in Notes on Mac

If you use the Notes app on Mac, you can include images and PDFs as references in your notes. This is perfect for keeping everything together. And if you want to annotate one of those items only for reference in a note, you might not want to change the original file.

Luckily, you can mark up images and PDFs right within the Notes app on your Mac. This lets you annotate the item for your own note but keep the original intact.

How to attach files, photos, and videos to Notes on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Add Photo or Video to Notes on iPhone

The Notes app is a terrific tool for keeping, syncing, and referencing your notes. And one thing that makes it even better is the ability to attach files or add images to your notes. When you’re taking notes for a lecture, jotting down instructions, or making a list, adding a PDF, photo, video, or other item that pertains to the note is super convenient.

We’ve shown you how to scan documents in Notes and insert links in your notes. So it seems fitting to walk you through adding other items like files and images to Notes on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to change image and PDF display sizes in Preview

Preview PDF Size Difference

Have you ever opened an image or a PDF in Preview on your Mac and it looked odd? It may have appeared to be sized incorrectly thus making it more difficult for you to work with.

Here, we’ll show you how to set the image and PDF display sizes in Preview on Mac so that they always appear as you want them.

How to add, view and remove bookmarks in PDFs in Preview

Preview Bookmarks

Preview on Mac has some good features for working with PDFs. You can use cool annotation tools to mark up documents and you can sign PDFs with Preview too. So if you’re working with a lengthy PDF document, like a contract, manual, or even a tax return, you might try out the bookmark feature.

By using bookmarks in Preview on Mac, you can mark specific pages as quick references. This makes it easy to jump to certain spots easily. Whether it’s to reference text, remind yourself to double-check something, or designate places you need to annotate, here’s how to add, view, and remove bookmarks in Preview for your PDFs.

How to fix Preview going to the wrong page in a PDF

Go To Page in Preview PDF

Preview is a great Mac app for working with PDF documents. You can annotate them, sign them, and use bookmarks to reference pages. But have you ever noticed that when you use the Go To Page tool in your PDF, it takes you to the wrong one? If you work with lengthy documents in particular, this can be very annoying.

Luckily, there is one simple setting you can adjust to fix Preview going to the wrong page in your PDF.

How to mark up documents on your Mac with iPhone or iPad using your Apple Pencil or finger

Continuity Markup in iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina 10.15 or later lets you annotate documents on your Mac using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It works like magic. In this short step-by-step tutorial, you're going to learn how to use this feature to mark up Mac documents such as PDFs and images on your nearby iOS device with your Apple Pencil or finger, zero setup needed.