How to save, sign and mark up PDFs with the Books app on iOS

Mark Up PDF in the Books app iPhone

If you work with PDFs, then you may have scoured the App Store for a helpful iPhone app. But what you might not know is that you already have a full-featured app for PDFs built right in.

The Apple Books app on iPhone and iPad can do more than just give you the books you want to read. You can save, share, sign, and mark up PDFs with it. If this is new to you, we’re here to help. Here’s how to save and mark up PDF files with the Books app on iOS.

How to download PDF versions of your monthly Apple Card statements

Apple Card, a credit card that Apple created in partnership with the MasterCard payment network and the investment bank Goldman Sachs, includes a handy feature allowing you to download an Apple Card statement as a PDF document which contains not only payments you've made but also other transaction details such as your refunded purchases and more.

Quickly annotate and make professional-level edits to any PDF with PDFpenPro [sponsor]

PDFs remain the most efficient format when it comes to sending and receiving files on multiple platforms. Whether you’re sending a compartmentalized presentation to a coworker or receiving a digitized version of your child’s most recent art project, PDFs have earned their reputation as being the most utilized and relied-upon file format on the Web.

But PDFs are also famously difficult to work with, and changing a single character of text (let alone reformatting entire sections of a file) can be an absolute nightmare.

Enter PDFpenPro, a top-rated Adobe Acrobat alternative for Mac-based professionals, which allows you to quickly and easily work with PDF files in a streamlined and intuitive fashion—and you can try it all out for free.

How to export notes from the Notes app as PDF on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Export Note as PDF Notes on Mac

If you use the Notes app on iOS and Mac, then you know it’s a good note-taking tool. It syncs between your devices with iCloud, has formatting options for your notes, and lets you add passwords to secure certain notes.

Another handy feature of the Notes app is that you can export notes to PDFs. This is great if you need to import a note to a different app or need to share a PDF with someone for a specific purpose.

To help you out, we have this short tutorial that shows you how to export notes from the Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to customize the Finder Preview Pane options on Mac

Finder Window with Preview Pane Open Mac

When you’re using Finder on your Mac, the Preview Pane can be very helpful. It gives you a quick glance at the file you select and includes details such as the date it was created, tags you’ve applied, and when it was last opened. For things like images and video files, you can see even more data like size, dimensions, and resolution.

The Preview Pane can also give you Quick Actions like the ability to rotate or mark up the file with a click.

Each of the details you see in the Preview Pane depends on the type of file you select, and that information can be customized. Here’s how to change the Finder Preview Pane options on Mac to suit your needs.

The best apps to read and annotate PDF books on iPad

PDF Read Annotate iPad Apps

One of the best things about electronic books and textbooks is that you can mark them up. Rather than a physical book that you rent or buy and want to sell later, with books on your iPad, you can make notes and highlight important points. Plus, you can read wherever you go with your device.

Here are the best apps to read and annotate PDF books on iPad.

How to convert a PDF to an image file on iPhone and iPad

Convert PDF to PNG on iPhone

Converting document and file types seems to be a regular occurrence nowadays. A Pages document needs to be converted to Word, a Keynote document needs to be converted to PowerPoint, and an HEIF file need to be converted to a JPEG. The list is really endless these days.

To help you get one step closer to converting the type of document you need, this tutorial shows you how to convert a PDF to an image file on iPhone and iPad with a free app called PDF Converter: Docs To PDF.

How to use Markup on email attachments in Mac Mail

Compose Mail Markup Tool Mac

Whether you want to annotate an image for work, mark up a photo for fun, or add your signature to a PDF, it’s easy to do with the Mac Mail Markup tool. You have all the basics you need to add shapes, text, signatures, drawings, and more to your email attachments. And, here’s how to use this cool feature.