The best free Safari notes extensions for capturing and clipping

Safari Notes Extensions - Notebook

If there’s one thing you need when looking up something with Safari, it’s a way to capture a note when you finally find it. Yes, you can save a webpage right to the Notes app from Safari, but maybe you need a bit more.

We’ve scoured the Safari extensions available for capturing notes and have brought this list of free tools to you. Whether you want to jot down a quick note, clip part of a webpage, or a little of both, here are several free Safari note-taking apps to check out.

How to save a Safari webpage to Notes on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Save From Safari to Notes on Mac

There’s no easier way to capture a note from Safari than with the Notes app. Whether you’re doing research for school or work, planning a trip or event, or just want to make note of an article, Apple’s integration makes it simple.

Here, we’ll show you how to share a Safari webpage to a new, existing, or pinned note on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

How to use quick styles to format text in Notes on iPhone

Use Quick Styles in Notes on iPhone on Table

The Notes app has seen its share of updates over time and with iOS 14, it received another improvement. You can use the "quick styles" gesture to change the font to bold, italics, a heading, or a title.

Of course, you had the ability to change the text in Notes on iPhone before, but now you can do it faster than ever. Here’s how to use quick styles in Notes on iPhone.

How to use Data Detectors and Shape Recognition on iPad

Data Detector iPad Phone Number

Apple’s "on-device intelligence" is used in a variety of forms. From Smart Stacks and Siri Suggestion widgets to the Translate app to Accessibility recognition features, your device continues to learn from your actions and patterns. Using that same technology, upgrades to iPadOS 14 in combination with Scribble let you do things easier on your iPad.

If you use your Apple Pencil for handwritten notes and shapes, you can take advantage of your iPad’s smarts with Data Detectors and Shape Recognition. Each of these make capturing notes that you want to save or share simpler for others to read or for you to act on.

Here, we’ll explain Data Detectors and Shape Recognition and how they work on iPad with Scribble to help you.

How to copy and paste handwritten notes as typed text on iPad

iPadOS 14 Notes Copy Paste Handwritten Text

If you own an Apple Pencil and take advantage of handwritten notes, a terrific feature with iPadOS 14 turns your jotted down notes into typed ones. And even if you use your finger to scribble a note, you can use the feature without an Apple Pencil.

This is a convenient way take your note and convert it for easier reading, for yourself or someone you’re sharing your note with. Curious? This tutorial shows you how to copy and paste handwritten notes as typed text on iPad.

How to use the enhanced actions menu in Notes on iPhone and iPad

Note Folder actions menu on iPad

Some might say there’s nothing wrong with the menus in the Notes app on iOS. But once you take a look at the redesigned menus on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you’ll appreciate the new arrangement and appearance.

An actions menu appears for both a note and a folder allowing you to do things like pin, lock, or copy a note as well as add people and view attachments. These types of actions remain in each menu with the update, just arranged differently so that you can access key actions quicker.

Here’s what you’ll find with the enhanced actions menus in the Notes app on iPhone and iPad.

How to store Secure Notes on Mac with Keychain Access

Add Secure Note Keychain Access

Do you have things that need to be secured like PIN numbers, social security numbers, combinations for locks, and similar items? Most of us do. But where can you store these types of items securely yet have easy access to them when you it?

You can use the Notes app on your Apple device and set a password. And while that’s one good option, there is another – Secure Notes in Keychain Access on your Mac.

Keychain Access is an app that holds your keychain passwords along with account information, certificates, private keys, and related items. And an awesome built-in feature of Keychain Access is Secure Notes.

So if you’re looking for a safe spot to jot down information and access it quickly and easily, here’s how to use and store Secure Notes with Keychain Access.

How to add and remove links in Notes on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Add Link to Text in Notes Mac

Notes is a terrific app for doing exactly what the name implies. And whether you use Notes for work, school, or personal items, there’s bound to be a time when you want to include a link. By adding a link in a note, you can simply tap or click it and go right to the site or page without copying and pasting the URL.

You can add links to Notes a few different ways on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This how-to shows you them all.

This tweak makes it easier to discern when a note was created & last modified

If you’re anything like me, then you might take advantage of your iPhone’s Notes app somewhat frequently to jot down important memos to yourself.

One problem that may arise while using Apple’s Notes app is that it can be tough to discern when Notes were first created, and that’s something that a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called NotesCreationDate13 by iOS developer gilshahar7 tries to address.

How to stop the Notes app from starting new notes with a Title

Notes Body Text on iPhone

Many people use the Notes app on their devices differently. You might keep it super organized with folders for all your projects and meaningful titles for your notes. Or, you might use it to simply jot down quick thoughts for a short time and delete the note soon after.

If you fall into the latter category, and just open Notes to capture something in a hurry that you don’t intend to keep forever, you probably don’t take the time to worry about titles. Maybe you’re jotting down a phone number, password, or an item you need from the store. In this case, all that really matters is the body of the note itself, right?

With a simple setting, you can have all notes you create in the Notes app start with the body text instead of a title. If this is something you’ll find useful, we’ve got you covered.

How to use comments in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Comments in Numbers on Mac

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote offer a useful Comments feature. Whether you are collaborating on a document with others or simply writing one yourself, those comments can come in handy. Comments let you make notes to others that they can reply to or notes to yourself for reference, so you don’t forget anything.

If you’re new to the Comments feature in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, this tutorial shows you how easy it is to use them on Mac and iOS.