How to use Quick Notes on your Mac and iPad

Quick Notes is a new feature introduced in the new iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey software. As the name suggests, Quick Notes is a quicker way to take notes without opening up the Notes app. It allows you to jot down things on your iPad or Mac without having to switch apps. The feature can also detect what app you’re using, and provide customisable ways to create notes. You can only create a Quick Note on an iPad or Mac, but you can view and edit a note on iPhone.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Quick Notes on your Mac and iPad. For this to work, you’ll need to install iPadOS 15 or macOS 12 developer/public beta on your device.

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Using Quick Notes on a Mac

On your Mac running macOS 12 Monterey, there are two ways to bring up Quick Note. You can either use the keyboard shortcut Fn + Q, or you can use the Hot Corners feature.

Setting up Hot Corner to launch Quick Note

1) Click on the Apple logo in the Menu Bar and select Preferences.

2) Next, click on Mission Control.

3) Select the Hot Corners option in the bottom left corner.

Hot Corners Mac

4) Choose a corner and then select Quick Note from the dropdown menu.

Now, when you move the cursor to the chosen corner, the Quick Note interface will appear. Click on it to open up Quick Note and jot down whatever you need to. You can also add images, text, and links to your Quick Notes. To add text and images from a web page, simply select the content, then right-click and choose Add to Quick Note. If you want to add a link, click on the link button in the Quick Note toolbar and add a link.

You can view or edit a Quick Note from the Notes app by selecting the note from the Quick Notes folder. This will work across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

How to use Quick Note on iPad

Quick Note will work with any iPad that supports the new iPadOS 15 software. There are a couple of ways to bring up the Quick Note interface on an iPad. You can use the Apple Pencil, a connected keyboard, or the Control Center to bring up Quick Notes.

Use Apple Pencil to launch Quick Note on iPad

If you own an Apple Pencil, then this is the best way to bring up a Quick Note on your iPad. Here’s how.

1) Unlock your iPad.

2) Use your Apple Pencil and swipe inwards from the bottom right corner.

3) Keep swiping until the Quick Note box is fully expanded. ‘

You’ll now be able to write down things or copy paste images, link, and text to the Quick Note.

Launch Quick Notes from Control Center

You can also open a Quick Note by using the Control Center, and this is an easy method for those who don’t use an Apple Pencil.

1) Open Settings app on iPad.

2) Select Control Center from the sidebar.

3) Enable Access Within Apps.

4) Navigate to More Controls and hit the ‘+’ icon next to Quick NotesĀ to add it to the Control Center.

Now, you’ll be able to access Quick Note when you swipe down from the top right corner of the display.

If you’re a pro iPad user and have a keyboard connected to it, then you may even use a keyboard shortcut to bring up Quick Notes. Simply press the Globe key + Q to launch Quick Note.

Wrapping up

Quick Notes in iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 is an excellent feature that’ll improve productivity. It doesn’t interfere with the app that you’re using, and you can use it to take down notes, copy text, images, and links. iPad users will find this most useful, especially those who have an Apple Pencil. We hope this guide helped you figure out how to use Quick Notes on your Mac and iPad.