How to use quick styles to format text in Notes on iPhone

The Notes app has seen its share of updates over time, and with iOS 14 and later, it received another improvement. You can use the quick styles gesture to change the font to bold, italics, a heading, or a title. Of course, you had the ability to change the text in Notes on iPhone before, but now you can do it faster than ever. Here’s how to use quick styles in Notes on iPhone.

Use Quick Styles in Notes on iPhone on Table

Change the font with a quick gesture

Open Notes and select an existing note or create a new one. Then select the text you want to change. Tap and pick Select for a single word, Select All for all text in the note, or Select and use the handles to drag through a phrase or sentence.

Now, tap and hold the Aa button in the keyboard toolbar. Slide your finger up the list and select the format you want to use, which will highlight it, and release. You’ll then see your selected text is transformmed using the style you pick.

Use Quick Styles in Notes on iPhone

If you simply tap the “Aa” button, you’ll open the Format options at the bottom of the screen. And you can still use this option if you like. But by tapping and holding the button, you get a quick view of the options you can pick from without replacing your keyboard with the Format window.

Format Text in Notes on iPhone

If you love the gestures you can use to take care of tasks faster and easier, then you’ll like the quick styles for Notes on iPhone.

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