How to use Data Detectors and Shape Recognition on iPad

Data Detector iPad Phone Number

Apple’s “on-device intelligence” is used in a variety of forms. From Smart Stacks and Siri Suggestion widgets to the Translate app to Accessibility recognition features, your device continues to learn from your actions and patterns. Using that same technology, upgrades to iPadOS 14 in combination with Scribble let you do things easier on your iPad.

If you use your Apple Pencil for handwritten notes and shapes, you can take advantage of your iPad’s smarts with Data Detectors and Shape Recognition. Each of these make capturing notes that you want to save or share simpler for others to read or for you to act on.

Here, we’ll explain Data Detectors and Shape Recognition and how they work on iPad with Scribble to help you.

Data Detectors on iPad

If you use handwriting to jot down addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or dates, Data Detectors recognize these pieces of information. Then with a tap of your Apple Pencil, you can take action like open Maps, Contacts, Mail, or Calendar.

Simply tap the data and then select an option from the action menu. You can do things with a phone number like call it, add it to a contact, or send a message. And for a date, you can set up an event, create a reminder, or show the date in Calendar.

Data Detector iPad Date

Shape Recognition on iPad

Maybe you use shapes when you’re writing notes like a star, heart, or square. With Shape Recognition, those shapes you draw are automatically transformed into geometrically correct ones. So if you’re creating a diagram, for instance, the shapes you use will look precise.

Draw your shape as you normally would but stop briefly before finishing. It should automatically change before your eyes into a perfect shape.

Shape Recognition iPad Star

Wrapping it up

As we see over the years, technological advances can make our lives easier and tasks simpler. Data Detectors and Shape Recognition using Scribble on iPad, are just more examples of that.

Share your thoughts with us on these tools and how well they work for you!

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