What’s your favorite iPad feature?

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I can still remember a few things about owning the original iPad. It was definitely a spur-of-the-moment purchase at the time, a piece of technology that had absolutely no place in my daily routine at the time. But I sure did love that ling. It was big and kinda bulky, and yet still portable. It was mainly a great way to play some mobile games and watch stuff.

How to use audio enhancements on your Apple Watch

Taptic Time Settings on Apple Watch

If you or a loved one have trouble hearing, whether permanently or for a short time, take advantage of the Accessibility and touch features on Apple Watch.

With taps on your wrist, adjustments for earphones, and alternatives to dictation, your Watch can be just as wonderful with touch as it is with sound.

Tips for using Scribble in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPad

Try Scribble on iPad

Scribble is a terrific tool for jotting down notes on your iPad with an Apple Pencil. With iPadOS 14, you can do things like turn handwriting into typed text and use handwriting in text boxes like search fields.

So when it comes to being productive with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPad, you can use Scribble to get things done quickly. Here are some tips for using Scribble in those apps with your Apple Pencil so you can make the most of the feature.

How to edit, animate, and share drawings in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Animate Drawing Options in Pages on iPad

You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy the benefits of drawing on your devices. And with or without an Apple Pencil, you can use Scribble to sketch or draw whatever you need. On iPhone, you can use your finger to sketch things like shapes and on iPad, you can expand your drawings with that larger screen.

You have plenty of tools to create drawings along with great ways to enhance them. Move or resize, edit or animate, and share your drawings with coworkers or pals. Here, we’ll show you how to do all of this with your drawings in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iOS.

How to use Data Detectors and Shape Recognition on iPad

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Apple’s "on-device intelligence" is used in a variety of forms. From Smart Stacks and Siri Suggestion widgets to the Translate app to Accessibility recognition features, your device continues to learn from your actions and patterns. Using that same technology, upgrades to iPadOS 14 in combination with Scribble let you do things easier on your iPad.

If you use your Apple Pencil for handwritten notes and shapes, you can take advantage of your iPad’s smarts with Data Detectors and Shape Recognition. Each of these make capturing notes that you want to save or share simpler for others to read or for you to act on.

Here, we’ll explain Data Detectors and Shape Recognition and how they work on iPad with Scribble to help you.

How to use the Scribble Shortcut Palette with Apple Pencil on iPad

Scribble Shortcut Palette in email on iPad

We’ve been telling you about some great new features that came with iPadOS 14 and Scribble that you can use with or without an Apple Pencil. You can copy and paste handwritten notes as typed text and use handwriting in text boxes like search fields. But there’s more!

The Scribble feature comes with a Shortcut Palette that you can use to perform actions faster and without opening your keyboard. You can do things like add a date to a to-do in Reminders or change the font in an email in Mail. Here’s how to use this cool tool, the Scribble Shortcut Palette, on your iPad.

How to use Apple Pencil to select, delete, and add space in text on iPad

Scribble Apple Pencil iPad Delete Text

If you’re someone who still enjoys jotting down notes with a pen and paper, then you probably jumped on the Apple Pencil bandwagon for iPad. This means you can continue to use your favorite method of capturing notes while taking advantage of digital note-taking apps and easy ways to save, send, and share those notes.

With Scribble, you can manipulate text in more ways with Apple Pencil. We’ve already shown you how to copy and paste handwriting as typed text. But you can also select and delete text as well as add space between words, sentences, or paragraphs. Here’s how.

How to use handwriting in text boxes with iPad and Apple Pencil

Handwrite Text Boxes using Scribble on iPad with Apple Pencil

You might use an Apple Pencil on iPad for jotting down notes, sketching your own drawings, or coloring in one of many relaxing adult coloring books. Yes, as an Apple Pencil user, you know you can do much more than just take notes on your iPad.

With iPadOS 14 and Scribble, you have even more features to help you do things with Apple Pencil. Here we’ll show you how to use handwriting in text boxes. This lets you continue using your Apple Pencil even if you want to veer away from your current activity for a quick Safari lookup or Maps search.