How to turn your old MacBook into a glowing light

I was not always such an Apple fanatic, but using my early 2008 15-inch MacBook Pro was a first-time conversion experience. In honor of that, I could not convince myself to ship off the device to e-waste. Holding a special place in my tech heart, I wanted a way to immortalize my shift to Apple fanboy status, which ultimately lead both my personal and professional career in a different direction.

Taking the LCD panel out of the monitor shell and unhinging the keyboard allowed for a permanent ambient glowing Apple logo for my office, which is HomeKit controlled. I call it the MacBook Lamp.

How to install a glowing Apple logo on iPhone 6s

An iconic image, the glowing Apple logo adorns store locations and flagship MacBook devices. It is the quickest way to spot an Apple device in the wild. However, Apple refuses to provide the same iconic design on iPhones and iPads. To resolve this conundrum, that meant taking matters into my own hands.

For years, I wanted an iPhone with a glowing logo. All the way back to iPhone 4, it has been possible to mod your device with a small LED. However, with iPhone 6, @theunlockr is offering a simple all-in-one DIY kit, helping transform your device in about 30-60 minutes. Take a step inside to see my personal handy work and a great tutorial video to ease your nerves.

Give your old device the look and feel of iOS 7 with Whited00r 7

Although Apple is one of the best handset-makers around when it comes to supporting older devices, it does have a cutoff point. And for iOS 7, that cutoff point was the iPhone 4, meaning you can not install the new firmware on devices older than that.

But never fear! If you happen to be running an older device, you can still get the look and feel of iOS 7 thanks to Whited00r 7. The modded firmware includes an iOS 7-style UI with card multitasking, Control Center, push notifications, and much more...

LS Lyra 5, a clean and minimal theme for your Lock screen

Welcome to our third post about the wonderful world of iPhone Lock screen mods! In this series we lay out instructions on how to turn that boring stock Lock screen into a beautifully crafted setup. The Lock screen is literally the first thing you see every time you turn on your iPhone so why not make it look as pretty as possible. Let's just get started...

Elevation Dock hacked to support new Lightning connector

Since the iPhone 5 launched two weeks ago with its new Lightning port, accessories have been extremely scarce. Lightning to USB cables alone have been hard to find, never mind docks and other add-ons.

Thus, we imagine we'll be seeing a slew of do-it-yourself solutions pop up over the next few months. In fact, one has already surfaced involving an Elevation Dock, some hacking and a Lightning USB cable...

Apple serves iPhone 5 mod kit company take down notice

A few days ago we told you about the iPhone 5 mod kit. It's essentially a backplate for your iPhone 4/4S that's made to look like the two-tone rear shells believed to belong to Apple's next-gen handset.

Well either Tim Cook and company don't like the fact that the mod kit is named after its latest smartphone, or it must look a lot like it, because Apple just served the developers a takedown notice...

Mod kit lets you convert your iPhone 4/4S into an iPhone 5

It's extremely likely that the two-tone back panels we've been seeing over the past few months are indicative of what we'll see on Apple's next smartphone. And some folks aren't very happy about that.

But for those of you who like the design, you don't have to wait until next month to enjoy it. A new 'iPhone 5' mod kit has surfaced that allows you to convert your iPhone 4/4S into Apple's next-gen handset...

This mod will make your iPhone shine, literally

This is pretty cool. The folks over at iPatch, a UK-based iPhone repair shop, have come up with an interesting hardware mod that turns the headphone jack on your iPhone 4/4S into an LED flashlight.

If you recognize the name iPatch, it's probably because it's the same team that brought us the glowing Apple logo mod for the iPhone 4 last year. And now it's back with the "headphone jack torch..."

Make Your iPhone Apple Logo Glow with this Cool Mod

Chinese manufacturer K.O. Gadget has just revealed a cool new hack that will make the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone 4S glow, much like the logo on MacBooks. For $42, the company will send you the kit to perform the mod and claims that it can be done at home in less than five minutes.

The mod is actually pretty simple since you are only replacing the back panel of your iPhone. The back panel has a transparent Apple logo which lets light pass through it, but the trick is the "light strip" that you add to it...

Add a Touch of Cool to Your iPhone With a Clear Back Panel From iFixit

Are you tired of your iPhone looking like all of the other millions of handsets out there? These new transparent back panels from iFixit should do the trick. They add a touch of cool to your handset by giving you insight to your iPhone's insides.

Typically, these see-through panels go for over $50, but for a limited time iFixit has them on sale for just $29.99. And you won't just get the back plate, iFixit is including the tools to install the thing, a screen protector, and a wet bag...

Apple Fan Creates a Unique iPhone Mod as a Special Tribute to Steve Jobs

A 19-year-old Apple fan from Hong Kong has created a very special mod for the iPhone that places Steve Jobs inside the Apple logo on the back of the device. During the initial shock of Steve's passing, a designer created a graphic of the Apple logo with Steve Jobs' silhouette embedded in the logo itself.

That image became the inspiration for a very unique iPhone mod that is now available for purchase online...