Add a Touch of Cool to Your iPhone With a Clear Back Panel From iFixit

Are you tired of your iPhone looking like all of the other millions of handsets out there? These new transparent back panels from iFixit should do the trick. They add a touch of cool to your handset by giving you insight to your iPhone’s insides.

Typically, these see-through panels go for over $50, but for a limited time iFixit has them on sale for just $29.99. And you won’t just get the back plate, iFixit is including the tools to install the thing, a screen protector, and a wet bag…


Installing a back plate is much easier than it sounds. All it requires is removing two screws from the bottom of your handset and pulling it off. For those that are looking for help, we posted a short video clip on how to do it a few months back.

The plate is compatible with the iPhone 4S, but iFixit also has iPhone 4 kits available. And compliments of Sebastien, you can get an extra $5.00 off the backplate and kit by using this coupon code: 5611FIXIT. Hurry, supplies are limited.

Did you snag one of these see-through covers?