iFixYouri Video Shows You How to Disassemble Your iPhone 4S

If you’re one of the millions of people that pre-ordered an iPhone 4S, or were able to snag one from a retail store, chances are you’ve been busy today. You’ve moved your contacts over, synced it with iTunes, and customized its settings to your liking.

Well the folks over at iFixYouri have a different ritual they go through after receiving a new handset. They’ve pulled out the mini-screwdriver, and have completely disassembled Apple’s new smartphone. Find out how easy it is in this surprisingly short video clip…

When I look at the iPhone, particularly the recent two models, I see a thing of beauty. It looks expensive, complicated, and the last thing I would ever do is try and take it apart. But these guys make it look so unbelievably easy, I think I could if I ever needed to.


I always imagined it would be a lot tougher to dismember a smartphone. I never even dreamed of trying it myself. But you better believe I’m bookmarking this clip in case I ever need to replace a battery or a back plate. I think I could do it.

Do you do your own repair work on your iPhone?