LS Lyra 5, a clean and minimal theme for your Lock screen

LS Lyra black

Welcome to our third post about the wonderful world of iPhone Lock screen mods! In this series we lay out instructions on how to turn that boring stock Lock screen into a beautifully crafted setup. The Lock screen is literally the first thing you see every time you turn on your iPhone so why not make it look as pretty as possible. Let’s just get started…

How to replicate this Lock screen

Step 1: Install WinterBoard. All theming requires this handy little app created by the founder of Cydia himself. It’s a free download and has been around for a long time. This theming app is such a well-oiled machine that you won’t even notice it on your iPhone 5 or 4S (performance wise).

Step 2: Download Lockscreen Clock Hide (free) in Cydia from the ModMyi repo. This awesome tweak will allow you to hide the default clock on the Lock screen by configuring it in the stock Settings app.

Step 3: Install LS Lyra 5 (for iPhone 5), or LS Lyra (for iPhone 4/4S) for free in Cydia from the ModMyi repo. As it says in its description, this is a clean and minimal Lock screen that just looks gorgeous on your iPhone 5. The Cydia version features the Red Ribbon, but for other colors (black, white, orange, green, and blue,) see bottom of article or they will be available in Cydia very soon as a mod to the original Lyra download. It also features a tap to unlock and a transparent camera grabber, (sliding the camera up still works, just has a clear icon). Note that this theme will automatically download Wallpaper Jpegifier for you which is requried to set the wallpaper.

Step 4: Open WinterBoard and select LS Lyra 5, then respring.

Step 5: This is an important step so make sure to read this carefully. Because of how Wallpaper Jpegifier works, you need to go into the Settings app, (not the Photo app), and select the wallpaper you want to use, then respring using WinterBoard. This will set up the wallpaper automatically for you so no need to change it via SSH.

Changing weather location

This part is kind of tricky so make sure you follow this step by step.

Step 1: To change the weather on this Lock screen, you need to SSH into your device by downloading a desktop program (read about options here) or iFile, which can be found in Cydia.

Step 2: Using your destop SSH program or iFile navigate to var/stash/Themes.*****/LS Lyra 5.theme

Once there, either drag LockBackground.html to your destop and open it in a Text editor, or tap on it in iFile and choose Text Viewer.

Without even having to scroll down you will see var locale = “53202”

LS Lyra edit weather

Step 3: Change “53202” to your US zip code and save.

Note for international users: view the ReadMe.rtf file located in the theme folder. It will guide you on how to change the weather for those outside of the US as well as how to change the clock to 24 hour format.

Step 4: Reselect LS Lyra 5 in WinterBoard and repring. After that you are all done!

Step 5: Show your new LockScreen off to all your unjailbroken friends.

LS Lyra white

Extras (Other Color Ribbons)

Warning: this is for advanced users who are familiar with filesystem modding enough to replace filesystem content.

Step 1: To change the color of the ribbon start off by downloading this file. The zip file contains the different colors in individual folders.

Step 2: Using one of the SSH clients we discussed above, navigate to the theme folder var/stash/Themes*****/LS Lyra 5.

Step 3: Make a backup of the default Overlay.png by placing it on your desktop or renaming it. For the White, Green, Blue, and Orange ribbon, simply copy and paste the Overlay.png file into the theme folder. For the Black ribbon you need to copy and paste the Overlay.png and the LockBackground.html provided in the downloaded folder.

Step 4: After changing the files, go back into Winterboard reselect Lyra and respring.

Lock screen modding

Modifications to your iPhone can be a tedious process but as long as you read all the instructions that we lay out for you and just take it one step at a time, you should be alright. As you may have noticed above, I am the creator of this theme so if you need any help or want the wallpapers, you can once again contact me on twitter @Max_Kas or post any issues in the comments section and I will help however I can.

Let us know what you think of the this Lock screen in the comments below.