This mod will make your iPhone shine, literally

This is pretty cool. The folks over at iPatch, a UK-based iPhone repair shop, have come up with an interesting hardware mod that turns the headphone jack on your iPhone 4/4S into an LED flashlight.

If you recognize the name iPatch, it’s probably because it’s the same team that brought us the glowing Apple logo mod for the iPhone 4 last year. And now it’s back with the “headphone jack torch…”


Don’t worry, the headphone jack stays completely functional once the “torch” mod is installed. The iPatch team is even talking about creating see-through headphone cables that would light up from the LED. Cool.

But try not to get your hopes up just yet. Considering that the aforementioned logo mod, which we saw all the way back in September of last year, still isn’t available, we don’t expect this one to be either for some time.

What do you think of this hardware mod?