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Live news and live sports coming to TV app

Apple TV got the TV app, alongside iPhones and iPads last year. It allows you to easily discover new content to watch, or pickup where you left off. The biggest downside was that it didn't have access to live TV streams, instead of having to launch apps individually. Apple changes this with the new Apple TV 4K.

Plex app gets live TV support and DVR enhancements

Plex on Thursday announced that they're rolling out support for live TV to their various Plex apps. They're starting with Android TV and iOS, and say updates for other platforms like tvOS will follow suit.

The live TV feature is built right into the Media Server, so you'll be able to stream everything from game shows to sporting events in real time, from pretty much anywhere in the world.

The app is also getting other improvements: in-app DVR management, meaning you can now browse the program guide and manage recordings directly from within the app, and expanded tuner support. Last September Plex announced support for the HDHomeRun tuner line, and now it's opening up to tuners from Hauppauge, AVerMedia and many more.

Plex Live TV and DVR are available immediately for Plex Pass users only. The service costs $5 per month, $40 per year, or $120 for life (20% off for a limited time). It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth looking into if you're thinking about cutting the cord.

Source: Plex

New details surface about Hulu’s live TV service

In a new report Tuesday, Mashable's Pete Pachal took a closer look at the early build of an upcoming live TV service from Hulu. Having seen Hulu's new iPhone, iPad and full-screen TV apps, Pachal shared his thoughts on the service. Hulu CEO said last week that the new service would be priced at under $40 per month.

The Wall Street Journal said earlier in the month that Hulu did manage to strike a deal with CBS to put both live streaming and on-demand content from CBS's various channels on Hulu's service.

YouTube planning to launch a live TV subscription service in 2017

Google has accelerated efforts to beat Apple to market with a live TV service on YouTube, dubbed “Unplugged”, Bloomberg reported yesterday. Work on boosting YouTube's infrastructure is already underway as launching the service has taken on a high priority.

For a yet-to-be-determined monthly fee, YouTube users will be able to subscribe to so-called skinny bundles of television programming, streamed over the Internet.

These bundles should include some of the most popular offerings from major U.S. broadcast networks and cable services.

How to watch local live TV on Apple TV with an HDHomeRun + antenna combo

It is possible to legally watch free over the air terrestrial television via the Apple TV. This can easily be accomplished by connecting an HDHomeRun to your home network along with an ATSC antenna to pull in free over-the-air high definition local channels.

It's basically the equivalent of connecting an antenna to your TV. TVs generally include a tuner built in, which allows the unit to display the channels pulled in from over the air. Wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could broadcast all of those channels on your home network? By using an HDHomeRun, you can easily tap into free high definition television streams via the Apple TV and an app like Kodi. You can even watch live TV on your iPhone, Mac, or other devices.

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to get live local channels on your Apple TV. That means you can watch high definition streams for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and more. There's no monthly subscription involved, or anything like that, which makes this perfect for cord cutters. Have a look.

How to watch the World Cup live on iPhone and iPad

The entire world is experiencing what I like to call World Cup fever, a phenomenon that comes along only once every four years. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicking off today with a match between the host country Brazil and Croatia, we think it is fitting to share how to watch the World Cup games live on iPhone and iPad. We've included a couple apps for streaming the World Cup in the United States and abroad after the break…

ABC to live stream the Oscars via its iOS ‘Watch’ app this Sunday

ABC has said that it is going to stream the complete Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday to mobile phones. The network has long offered highlights of the event on mobile, but this is the first time it'll stream the event live.

The feed will be funneled through the 'Watch ABC' app, which means that if you have it installed on an iOS device and meet the requirements, you'll be able to catch the show. Unfortunately, the requirements are pretty stringent...

Comcast’s new ‘Xfinity TV Go’ app lets you watch live TV on the go

Comcast customers will be happy to hear that the cable provider has launched a new app today, Xfinity TV Go, for iOS devices. It's actually a rebrand of the previous 'TV Play' app, with a number of new features.

The most important, though, is the ability to stream live television from your iPhone or iPad while on the go. That's right, as long as you are on a Wi-Fi network (not just the one in your home), you can watch TV...

Showtime Anytime app, now with Live TV

If you watch cable on your iPhone and iPad, you're probably aware of the Showtime Anytime iOS app which gives subscribers on-demand access to every single episode of a dozen exclusive Showtime TV shows, plus championship boxing and 60 Minute Sports.

But Showtime fans have long been yearning for the ability to watch live television programming on their iPhone, iPod and iPad devices and now their prayers have been heard...

Intel’s TV box to include server-side DVR that records everything for at least three days

We've been hearing for months how Intel's been hard at work developing its own Apple TV contender, which sources claim includes a television service of sorts. Conceivably frustrated enough with “everyone doing a half-assed Google TVs," the world's top chip maker reportedly set on to engineer a set-top box itself "and do it right.”

These rumors may soon prove true: according to a new report, Intel aims to turn the industry upside down by introducing supercharged DVR functionality said to tap a powerful server farm that records and stores every piece of programming for at least three days.

Now, TiVo devices have had a similar patented DVR feature called Trick Play for years. But Trick Play doesn't hold a candle to Intel as it relies on local TiVo storage to record just up to half an hour tops of recently viewed television...