Live TV

WSJ: Google seeking game-changing live TV Internet service

I know, I know, Google runs the world's greatest video streaming machine, YouTube, so why wouldn't networks broadcast live TV there, no? Not so fast.

For starters, Google might be interested in marketing a rumored live TV Internet service separate of its other offerings.

Let's also not forget Apple hasn't had much luck persuading networks to license TV channels directly instead of going through operators.

Be that as it may, the search giant is said to has been months into negotiatingĀ an over-the-top video service that would let customers stream live TV programming over the Internet, in turn totally bypassing cable operators like Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

There's no question cable-cutters should have a field day when, and if, Google's live TV becomes a reality...

Dish and Southwest Airlines partnership enables in-flight live TV on iDevices

If you're a Southwest Airlines customer, starting today you can get free live TVĀ onboard, thanks to the company's partnership with Dish. Free live and on-demand TV is available on all Wi-Fi equipped Southwest flights, which is about three-quarters of the airline's fleet.

Even better, you can watch TV on your iPhone or iPad instead of tiny screens built into seats. They spared no expense so Dish's 'Boston Guy' surprised each of the more than a hundred Southwest Customers with a free iPad 2 in honor of the new partnership...