How to fix a “pairing canceled” error when attempting to use Apple Fitness+ on Apple TV

If you're greeted with an Apple Fitness+ “pairing canceled” error message when attempting to connect the Workout app on your Apple Watch to an Apple TV, you're definitely not alone. As highlighted on Reddit, some Apple Fitness+ enthusiasts are seeing a “pairing canceled” message when trying to connect the Workout app on an Apple Watch to their Apple TV.

How to change your homepage in Firefox and Chrome

Firefox Hompage and New Tab on Mac

To many people, a browser’s homepage is one of those tiny things you rarely give any attention. But to others, it’s how they start their day or their browsing experience. Whether you use it to catch up on the news, check on your own blog, or start a Google search, you can make your homepage anything you want in Firefox and Chrome.

We’ve already explained how to change your Safari Homepage on Mac and iOS. So here, we’ll help you change your homepage in Firefox and Chrome on Mac. Firefox users can also change their homepage on iPhone, and iPad. (Sorry Chrome fans, you can’t currently change your homepage on iOS.)

Unique widget makers for your iPhone Home Screen

Unique Widget Makers for your iPhone Home Screen

Now that you’ve gotten used to all that you can do with widgets on your iPhone Home Screen, it’s time to try something new! You can create some awesome widgets that go beyond your inbox, activity, and weather.

Want a widget that moves, shakes, or shimmies? Interested in a widget that puts reward card codes at your fingertips? Think a widget that displays a grid of your photos is a cool idea?

We’ve scoured the App Store and tried tons of widget makers to bring this list of cool Home Screen widgets to you.

How to change the default music service on HomePod

Listen to Pandora at Home

You now have others option for your listening pleasure on HomePod. With a recent update to the Pandora app, days before the HomePod Mini is available for purchase, you can listen to music beyond Apple Music on HomePod by default.

Pandora is said to be the first of other options coming to HomePod with Spotify up next. Here we’ll show you how to connect Pandora to HomePod and make it your default for music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The best AR home design apps for iPhone and iPad

AR home design apps for iPhone and iPad - Primer

Whether you want to redesign one room or all of them, it can be hard to know if a product you find will look right in your home. But with great technological advances, you can find out if the paint and wallpaper match your carpet or if the dining set will fit in your space using augmented reality (AR).

These AR apps for home design are just the tickets to remodeling or redesigning your home or apartment. They put the products right in your room so you can get a firsthand look. AR apps on iPhone are new to a lot of people. So if you’re one of them, we want to help you decorate your living space with the best home design AR apps for your device.

How to move apps in and out of the App Library

Move to App Library on iPhone

The App Library on iOS 14 was introduced to help you keep your apps organized. It automatically categorizes similar apps into folders, offers a handy search feature, and provides you with suggestions and recently added items with a tap.

And while the App Library is a good tool for finding the apps you need quickly it offers a couple of other benefits. You can move seldom-used apps from your Home Screen to the Library instead of deleting them. And you can pull new apps out of the Library and plop them onto your Home Screen. Moving apps in and out of the App Library is simple, here’s how it’s done.

The best apartment and home rental apps on iPhone

Apartment Rental Apps - HotPads on iPhone

Finding a new place to live can be a job in itself. Whether you’re looking for a large family home or small apartment for yourself, you want easy tools to find the right spot. These days, you don’t have to scour the real estate section of the local newspaper searching for available rentals; just use your mobile device.

These apps for apartment and house rentals on iPhone take much of the work out of finding a place to call home. You can browse listings, get rental details, see photos and take tours, and contact landlords, all in one spot. If you’re in the market for a new place to live, this list of iPhone and iPad apps can help.

6 tips to customize your iPhone Home Screen for a unique look

iPhone Home Screen Customization Tips - BlueKiyoshi Screen

So far it seems that iPhone users are really enjoying the new options they have for their Home Screens. If you’re one of those people and are still seeking ways to make your screen fit your personality and taste, then you’ve come to the right place!

With tips from iDB, you can take your Home Screen to the next level. Whether you love animals, games, or characters, and want to change widgets, icons, or wallpaper, here are great ways to customize your iPhone Home Screen.

The best iOS 14 Home Screens ideas for inspiration

iPhone Home Screen inspiration

You can add widgets and create personalized widgets or download icon packs and create custom app icons, or a mix of both; all to make your iOS 14 Home Screen fit your taste or style. But what if you’re not sure where to start? Like with many things, getting ideas from someone or somewhere is just the ticket to inspiring yourself!

Many, many people are sharing their newly customized iPhone Home Screens on social media. So to help give you some ideas for your own iOS 14 Home Screen, check out these awesome screens for inspiration.