Hey Siri

All the ways you can invoke Siri on your Apple device

iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Siri

Siri is the default built-in voice assistant on Apple devices. It lets you set alarms, answer questions, and do almost everything voice assistants do. This quick tutorial shows you how to call Siri on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac, HomePod, Apple TV, and supported cars.

How to change Siri’s voice on your Apple devices

System Preferences Siri Voice Mac

The nice thing about Siri is that you can make “her” sound anyway you like. You can have a male Siri with an Australian accent or a female Siri with an Irish one. Or maybe you’d like to hear one Siri voice on your family’s HomePod, but you prefer a different one on your iPhone.

If you like to change things up now and then, and are an avid Siri user, here’s how to change Siri’s voice on your devices.

How to send Siri web search results from HomePod to iPhone

Siri HomePod Web Results on iPhone Lock Screen

Siri can be super handy on HomePod and can do plenty of things for you. But one thing that was always a bit difficult was getting information that Siri didn’t have at hand. You might end up hearing something like, "Sorry, I can’t help with that".

With the iOS 14.1 update, HomePod also got a bit of a boost in abilities. You can use Apple Music for an alarm sound, check out the Intercom if you own more than one HomePod, and yes, have Siri send web results right to your iPhone.

How to use Siri on your Apple Watch like a pro

Siri Screen on Apple Watch Garden

Siri can be a terrific helper on all of your Apple devices. We recently showed you tips for using Siri on Apple TV, so here we want to better your Apple Watch experience with tips for Siri there.

You can do things like set a timer, create a reminder, search the web, identify a song, look for apps, and much, much more.

How to use the smaller compact Siri on iPhone and iPad

Compact Siri on iPhone at Desk

You know what they say, good things come in small packages! And that’s just what Apple has done with your favorite virtual assistant in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Siri has a compact interface giving you more screen space.

When you make a request to Siri, no longer is your whole screen taken over. You have a nice and neat compact view of Siri as well as the results Siri provides you. Curious? Here’s how to use compact Siri.

How to use Siri to control System Preferences on Mac

Hey Siri Enable Do Not Disturb Mac

You can use Siri for all sorts of things on your devices. And on Mac, Siri can come in handy for a variety of tasks as well. You can ask Siri for simple things like the weather, opening an app, or setting up a Calendar event.

But what you probably don’t think to ask Siri for is help with your System Preferences. While it’s not difficult to open System Preferences and find what you need, it can still be accomplished much faster by asking Siri.

To help you take advantage of Siri on your Mac, here are some of the System Preferences you can control with your convenient digital assistant.

New to Mac? How to search the web with Siri

Use Siri To Search the Web on Mac

Siri is a terrific helper on all of your Apple devices. This handy tool can help you retrieve saved passwords, get you back to your iPhone Home screen, and even read your text messages to you.

So if you’re still getting used to all that Siri can do for you on Mac, then why not let it help you find what you need on the internet? Instead of opening your browser to search on your own, just ask Siri. Here are some tips for how to search the web with Siri on your Mac.

iOS 13.4 lets your iPhone listen for Hey Siri even when faced down or covered

You know how you can temporarily prevent “Hey Siri” from listening and stop notifications on your iPhone by laying the handset with its face down, without changing any settings? This underrated feature is called Facedown Detection and it doesn't require any toggles or initial setup. iOS 13.4 adds a brand new accessibility setting designed to override Facedown Detection's automatic disabling of Hey Siri when the phone is faced down or covered.