How to send Siri web search results from HomePod to iPhone

Siri HomePod Web Results on iPhone Lock Screen

Siri can be super handy on HomePod and can do plenty of things for you. But one thing that was always a bit difficult was getting information that Siri didn’t have at hand. You might end up hearing something like, “Sorry, I can’t help with that”.

With the iOS 14.1 update, HomePod also got a bit of a boost in abilities. You can use Apple Music for an alarm sound, check out the Intercom if you own more than one HomePod, and yes, have Siri send web results right to your iPhone.

Ask Siri for a web search on HomePod

As with any other command you give Siri, there are different ways to say it. So if you specifically want Siri to do a web search, just ask. And if you ask a basic question that Siri cannot answer, you’ll get web results for that too.

Try commands like these:

“Hey Siri, find iDownloadBlog on the web” will have Siri do exactly that and let you know that results will be sent to your iPhone.

“Hey Siri, do a web search for kangaroo” will also push Siri to find what you ask for and send a list of results to your iPhone.

“Hey Siri, how long do you bake chicken?” will now have Siri send web results for this request to your iPhone as well. So, you should no longer hear that Siri can’t help.

Siri HomePod Web Results on iPhone

If your phone is locked, you can still have the web results sent to your device if you enable Allow Siri When Locked (Settings > Siri & Search).

“Hey Siri, how do you make lasagna?” will give you a list of results to check out right on the Lock Screen. If you don’t have this setting enabled, Siri will let you know your iPhone couldn’t be located. So, you’ll have to try your request again when you unlock your device.

Siri HomePod Web Results on the Lock Screen

If you have more than one HomePod user, not to worry. Siri knows who is speaking and will send the results to the correct iPhone. You may even hear something like “I found some web results. I’ll send them to Sandy’s iPhone”.

Wrapping it up

If one of the things that bothered you about Siri on HomePod was the lack of help at times, this enhancement should make you very happy. And not only that, but it’s convenient too. You think of something when you’re walking through the room, ask Siri on your HomePod, and by the time you get to your iPhone, a list of web results is waiting for you.

What do you think of this improvement to HomePod? Are you glad to see it?