iPhone vibration and haptic feedback not working for calls, texts, etc? Here is how to fix it

Image illustration showing iPhone vibrating

Your iPhone makes a vibration when you get a call or notification. This makes it easier to notice, even if the device is in your pocket, purse, or is in silent mode. Similarly, iOS offers haptic feedback throughout the operating system to complement the touch input and elevate your interactive experience. However, if you aren't getting any vibrations or haptics on your iPhone, here are some possible solutions to fix that issue.

Buzz Buzz Lite brings universal haptic feedback to your iPhone for free

Just yesterday, we showed you a jailbreak tweak called Haptify that could make your iPhone exhibit haptic feedback in more places that it would out of the box. While it was indeed a fine tweak, it also came with a price tag, and that’s one of the primary reasons why we’re eager to show you a newly released and free add-on dubbed Buzz Buzz Lite by iOS developer Jax Roth.

Just like Haptify, Buzz Buzz Lite provides a little bit of haptic feedback to many of the actions that you might regularly perform on your iPhone. But it’s worth noting that Buzz Buzz Lite supports several more actions than Haptify did, and that the tweak’s execution is somewhat different as well. We’ll be bringing many of those differences into the light in this piece.

Haptify adds more forms of haptic feedback to iOS

Haptic feedback is something that many smartphone owners like to have, but for whatever reason, is only sparingly used by the native operating system for niche and specific actions. Personally, I enjoy haptic feedback in moderation, and I think that Apple has been rather skimpy on its implantation out of the box.

If you’re anything like me and wish haptic feedback occurred more frequently while performing other common actions on your iPhone, then you might come to appreciate a newly released jailbreak tweak called Haptify by iOS developer Caleb G(kWaB), as it incorporates haptic feedback into several more of iOS’ native interfaces and performable actions.

Rose offers seemingly unlimited ways to customize iPhone haptic feedback

If anything’s certain, it’s that the time and energy Apple invested in creating the iPhone’s Taptic Engine means haptic feedback is here to stay, and it’ll probably become more advanced over time as Apple further develops and refines its hardware and software.

But one place where Apple falls short on its platform is haptic feedback customization, and that’s where a free and comprehensive jailbreak tweak dubbed Rose by iOS developer Litten comes into play.