Hapticker offers haptic feedback for most of what you do in iOS

Admittedly, I’m the type of person who enjoys an ounce of haptic feedback when operating my iPhone, and for that reason, I’m always testing out the latest haptic feedback-related jailbreak tweaks as they surface.

One of the newest add-ons in this department is one called Hapticker by iOS developer Soh Satoh, and from what we can gather, it provides haptic feedback for just about anything in iOS that you would ever want it for.

HapticVolume brings haptic feedback to your volume buttons

Those who know me best also know that I have a soft spot for jailbreak tweaks that give my iPhone simple haptic feedback capabilities. For that same reason, I’m excited to share the news about a free release called HapticVolume by iOS developer MayBeMe.

In a nutshell, HapticVolume compels your iPhone to exhibit a tidbit of haptic feedback whenever you depress either of the volume adjustment buttons on the side of your device.

Bring haptic feedback to your iPhone’s keyboard with HapticKeys

If you just got finished jailbreaking your iPhone and you’ve been anticipating the idea of porting Android-style keyboard-centric haptic feedback over to your handset’s typing experience, then you just might come to appreciate a new jailbreak tweak called HapticKeys by iOS developer colecabral.

HapticKeys does exactly what it sounds like; like with most forms of haptic feedback, it provides a small amount of vibration each and every time you tap on any of the iOS keyboard’s buttons.

Vibrato brings customizable haptic feedback to your jailbroken iPhone

Many Android handsets offer an ounce of haptic feedback when you perform certain actions on the device, but haptic feedback is somewhat minimal on the iOS platform – mostly limited to when using 3D Touch.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and are looking to receive more haptic feedback from various actions, then you might enjoy a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Vibrato by iOS developer Synnyg. This tweak can enable haptic feedback for nearly anything that you do.

TapticSpotify brings haptic feedback to the Spotify app’s music controls

I’ve always had a soft spot for jailbreak tweaks that bring subtle haptic feedback to various parts of my iPhone. That said, anyone who might be in the same boat should consider a new free release called TapticSpotify by iOS developer Chloee.

As you might have already inferred from the tweak’s name, TapticSpotify brings Taptic Engine-driven haptic feedback to the music controls found in the Now Playing section of the official Spotify app.

Another 3D Touch replacement: iOS 12.1.1 lets iPhone XR expand alerts with Haptic Touch

iPhone XR makes up for the omission of a 3D Touch display with Haptic Touch, which is basically a long-tap paired with Apple's precise haptic feedback produced by the built-in Taptic Engine mechanism. Now, Apple's colorful handset launched without a 3D Touch replacement for expanding rich notifications but an iOS 12.1.1 update will bring this action to Haptic Touch.

Add more haptic feedback to the official Twitter app with TapticTwitter

I’ve always been a fan of jailbreak tweaks that bring haptic feedback capabilities to unsupported parts of iOS or apps I use frequently, and with that in mind, I couldn’t help but recommend a new free release called TapticTwitter by iOS developer Chloee.

Just as the name implies, TapticTwitter brings some much-needed haptic feedback to the official Twitter app for iOS.

How to turn off the Digital Crown haptic feedback on Apple Watch

Apple WAtch Series 4 Digital Crown 001

If you purchased the Apple Watch Series 4, then you’re probably already enjoying the nice new design, helpful built-in ECG, and other great improvements. But, there might be one feature you’d rather go without; the haptic feedback in the Digital Crown.

Apple’s intent with this feature is to offer “a more mechanical and responsive feel through the sensation of incremental clicks.” However, you may not like the feel of it. So, here’s how to turn off the haptic feedback on the Apple Watch Digital Crown.

Add custom sounds and haptic feedback to your handset’s physical buttons with Cabello

Having a jailbroken iPhone or iPad means being able to customize it such that it delivers an experience unlike anyone else’s handset, and with a new free jailbreak tweak called Cabello by iOS developer daniel63194, you can do just that.

Cabello compliments your handset’s hardware buttons with customizable effects, such as custom sounds and haptic feedback. Right out of the box, the tweak lets you configure these parameters for the Home button, volume buttons, and the sleep/wake button.

EinsteinVibes brings haptic feedback to iOS’ Calculator app

There've been a lot of haptic feedback-based jailbreak tweaks released in my day, but EinsteinVibes by iOS developer LacertosusDeus is one of the first I’ve seen that brings haptic feedback to the stock Calculator app in iOS.

EinstienVibes harnesses the power of Apple’s Taptic Engine to provide Calculator app users with a subtle vibration each time they tap on any of the app’s buttons.

VolbrateXI brings haptic feedback to your volume buttons

If you enjoy experiencing haptic feedback as you perform specific actions on your iPhone, then you might appreciate a new free jailbreak tweak called VolbrateXI by iOS developer Lacertosus.

VolbrateXI provides you with a small amount of haptic feedback any time you use your handset’s volume buttons. Furthermore, it incorporates several settings so you can tailor the tweak to your personal needs.