Haptic Touch

Batch uninstall apps from your jailbroken iPhone or iPad with Speedy

There comes a time when almost every iPhone or iPad owner comes to realize that they want to do partake in Spring cleaning on their handset’s Home Screen.

Whether you’re in the mood to delete apps because you need more storage space or because you feel like you have too many unused apps, the fact remains that it can be a tedious and time consuming process to sort through your apps and delete the ones you don’t want anymore.

NoJunkQuickActions removes superfluous options from the Home Screen’s Haptic Touch menus

Apple did something right when they made it possible for users to use a Haptic Touch/3D Touch gesture on individual Home Screen app icons to reveal hidden menus.

These menus contain a number of useful app-specific actions, such as sending or marking your location in the Maps app, just to name a few examples. But they’re also teeming with redundant options that serve only as clutter, such as the Edit Home Screen and Remove App actions.

ByeQuickAction removes the Lock Screen’s Quick Action buttons

The Lock Screen is home to two familiar Quick Action buttons on notched handsets that allow users to launch their Camera or ignite their flashlight on demand. But some users either don’t like these buttons or toggle them accidentally so often that their sheer existence isn’t worth it at all.

For those who’d like to remove the Camera and Flashlight Quick Action buttons from the Lock Screen, ByeQuickAction is a new and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer AJB that does exactly that.

How to use audio enhancements on your Apple Watch

Taptic Time Settings on Apple Watch

If you or a loved one have trouble hearing, whether permanently or for a short time, take advantage of the Accessibility and touch features on Apple Watch.

With taps on your wrist, adjustments for earphones, and alternatives to dictation, your Watch can be just as wonderful with touch as it is with sound.

Got a pesky notification badge that won’t go away? Begone can remove it

It’s typically an easy task to remove a notification badge from an app — merely open the app in question and acknowledge the notification. In some instances, however, the process isn’t quite as cut and dry. The Setting app, for example, likes to display a notification badge when there are pending software updates for your handset.

Since the notification badge isn’t as easily remedied in the aforementioned circumstance, and potentially others that we haven’t discussed, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that jailbreak tweak developers often create workarounds for the community. One such example is a newly released add-on called Begone by developer Beckett OBrien.

Quiet lets jailbreakers silence app notifications via the Home Screen

One of the things you can do with a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch-compatible iPhone or iPad is assert a light press or tap-and-hold on individual app icons from the Home Screen to reveal a hidden menu with app-centric options in it. This feature is useful not only because it provides faster access to the most popular features of the app in question, but it can also be a fun way to access them.

While most of these menus sport standard options such as sharing the app, removing the app, or editing the Home Screen, users may also find app-specific options when performing these gestures on apps in which the developer has devoted time or effort into implementing specialized options. Interestingly enough, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Quiet by iOS developer Greg0109 can add another handy feature to these menus: the ability to mute notifications for that specific app.

iGotBlind helps jailbreakers with cluttered Home Screens find their apps

If you have a lot more apps installed on your iPhone than the average Joe, then chances are that you might forget where an app resides on your Home Screen from time to time. iOS & iPadOS 14 aim to improve Home Screen organization with the all-new App Library and the novel ability to hide apps from the Home Screen, but the circumstances are vastly different for those jailbroken in iOS or iPadOS 13 or earlier.

And that brings us to iGotBlind, a free jailbreak tweak created by iOS developer Miro92 to make it easier to locate apps on a cluttered Home Screen.

AddToFolder introduces an intuitive new way to add apps to Home Screen folders

If you’re one of many who find the process of adding apps to folders on the iPhone’s Home Screen to be a cumbersome and tedious process, then we think you’re going to have a lot of fun with the likes of a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed AddToFolder by iOS developer AnthoPak.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above, AddToFolder does away with the traditional drag-and-drop gestures that you’d normally contend with when adding apps to folders and instead replaces them with a new option in the Home Screen-centric 3D Touch/Haptic Touch contextual menus for adding that particular app to an existing folder of your choice.

Add a splash of color to the Home Screen’s contextual menus with Color3DIcons

Whether you’re new to or experienced with jailbreaking, one thing that remains true about most users of pwned iPhones is that they love personalizing the native user interface in ways that makes it stand out from a crowd of vanilla handset users.

If you’re moderate when it comes to personalization and you like adding custom colors to existing interfaces as opposed to replacing them with something different outright, then you just might appreciate a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Color3DIcons by iOS developer CydiaGeek.

This tweak lets you clear an app’s cache right from the Home screen

More than five years ago, iOS developer Ryan Petrich released a handy cache-clearing jailbreak tweak for apps on jailbroken iPhones and iPads called CacheClearer, which allows users to delete app caches right from iOS’ native Storage settings page. That same tweak was re-created for iOS 11 last year with the aid of developer Julio Verne, and has now been reincarnated once more for iOS 13 by developer alex_png.

One might be inclined to think that the latest CacheCleaner reincarnate is the same as its predecessor, albeit with support for the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. But as it turns out, alex_png has augmented the tweak a bit by adding features that weren’t available in earlier versions while maintaining full credit to Petrich, the original developer.

PasteAndGo2 adds a new search feature to iOS’ Haptic Touch menus

It comes up often enough where I find something of interest while reading an article or text messaging my friends and consequently find myself doing some research on Google about said item of interest. Doing this typically necessitates highlighting the link or text in question and then launching the Safari web browser to paste it into the search bar. But what if there was an easier way?

Fortunately, there is. Enter PasteAndGo2, a free jailbreak tweak release by iOS developer amodrono that adds a new option to the Home screen’s Force Touch/Haptic Touch menus to your favorite web browser applications. Examples of the tweak at work are shown in the screenshots above.