Kleidaria puts your iPhone to sleep when you set it face-down

iPhone 11 Pro

Putting your iPhone to sleep when you’re finished using it is one of the most important things you can do to conserve battery life, and yet I always witness folks around me forgetting to take this simple step before placing their unlocked handset down somewhere. Perhaps they just need a little help remembering to put their iPhone to sleep, or maybe they need a jailbreak tweak that can do it for them?

Enter Kleidaria, a newly released and free add-on iOS developer gilshahar7 that automatically puts your iPhone to sleep after you place it face-down on a flat surface, such as a tabletop.

tvOS 10 preview: all-new Remote app with Siri voice control, tilt gaming & more

A software replacement for the physical remote that came in the box with your fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple's entirely overhauled Remote application provides you with the full range of Siri Remote features complete with touch navigation, tilt-based control in games and voice input via Siri.

And in making tedious text entry on tvOS even easier than before, the new app lets you summon the keyboard right from the Lock screen of your iPhone by pressing a notification that automatically gets pushed every time you select a text field on the Apple TV.

Review: ZhiYun Z1 Smooth-C gimbal gives your iPhone all the video stabilization it’ll ever need

If you use your iPhone for any kind of video production, then a gimbal should definitely be one of the top things on your wish-list if you don't already have one.

In this review, we'll be giving you an in-depth look at the ZhiYun Z1 Smooth-C 3-axis handheld stabilizing gimbal. This is a tool that many videographers use to keep their recording device of choice nice and steady, even when walking or running around.

iPhone 6s may suffer from iOS 9 bug affecting some apps which tap into compass and gyroscope data

Apple's new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus seem to be affected by a potential software bug present in iOS 9.0 and iOS 9.0.1 that appears to affect some, but not all apps which rely on data collected from the handset's compass and gyroscope sensors.

As first reported by AppleInsider, developer Fifth Star Labs has confirmed that reported issues with the Compass feature in its Sky Guide stargazing app are indeed limited to the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and do not extend to older hardware.

Two iPhones Going Into Space to Help Conduct Research

As if the iPhone 4 needed any more publicity, the device is about to get some intergalactic marketing. Cult of Mac is reporting that a pair of iPhone 4s running research software are headed for the International Space Station next month.

The 2 devices are set to launch into the stratosphere on July 8, and will be running SpaceLab software. The iOS app will help the ISS crew determine their relative position in space as well as aid in several experiments. Want to get hands on with the app?

3DBoard Versus DeepEnd – Which iPhone 3D Jailbreak Tweak Reigns Supreme?

When we first posted about 3DBoard -- a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that lends a 3D effect to your Home screen -- we were excited. When Ryan Petrich one-upped the release of 3DBoard with his own tweak entitled DeepEnd, we were delighted.

That's because not only was DeepEnd available first, it kept a few extra dollars in our pockets by being free. But free doesn't necessarily mean better; after all, you get what you pay for, or do you?

Check inside for the full video evidence, as we compare these two popular iPhone jailbreak tweaks head-to-head...

DeepEnd is a Jailbreak Tweak That Shifts Your iPhone’s Wallpaper Based on Orientation

Earlier this week we talked about 3DBoard, which is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that adds a 3D effect to your iPhone's Home screen. DeepEnd works in a similar way, altering your wallpaper's orientation based on movement.

DeepEnd is from a staple in the jailbreak app community, and one of our favorite developers, Ryan Petrich -- the same guy behind ActionMenu.

Want to see how DeepEnd works in action? Check out our video inside as we explore this nifty looking jailbreak tweak...

Browse Mobile Safari Using the iPhone 4’s Gyroscope

The iPhone 4's gyroscope is one of the more underused features of Apple's flagship iOS device, so it's nice to see developers like Occipital -- creator of the iPhone app 360 Panorama -- put the technology to good use.

During the development of 360 Panorama, the crew uncovered the ability to control Mobile Safari using nothing more than the iPhone's gyroscope. Want to give it a test spin? Check out the link inside...