Why you cannot use motion controls in Apple TV games with the redesigned Siri Remote

If you thought about using Apple’s new Siri Remote to take advantage of motion controls in supported Apple TV games, it may be a wise idea to stick with your old Siri Remote.


  • Apple redesigned the Siri Remote alongside the updated Apple TV 4K.
  • The new remote is bundled with both the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.
  • The new Siri Remote lacks sensors for tilt-based games.

No accelerometer/gyro in the new Siri Remote

In addition to the recent specs bump for the Apple TV 4K, the Cupertino tech giant has also redesigned the oft-criticized Siri Remote to make it not only prettier but easier to use as well.

However, it lacks the accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope present in the original Siri Remote, as first spotted by Digital Trends. This is also evident on the official technical specifications page for the updated Apple TV 4K on the Apple website and iDownloadBlog.

Is that really that big of a deal, you may ask yourself…

For average Apple TV owners who only do occasional gaming on the device, the answer is ‘no’, with a caveat—unless they want to play one of the rare Apple TV games which specifically require motion controls and don’t support any game controllers. Everyone else should either continue using their old Siri Remote or connect a PlayStation, Xbox or MFi game controller to their Apple TV and enjoy tvOS games the way they were meant to be played.

What’s new with the Siri Remote?

Taller and thicker than the previous design, the second-generation Siri Remote features an aluminum body with a clickpad featuring four directional buttons that offer five-way navigation for better accuracy. It’s also touch-enabled for fast directional swipes.

Tips for using your Apple TV Siri Remote

The Siri button has been relocated to the side of the remote to match the iPhone. You also get independent mute and power buttons. The power button can also turn your TV on and off.

Siri Remote pricing and availability

The new, second-generation Siri Remote ships in the box with the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD at no additional charge. Apple no longer sells the old Siri Remote. The new Siri Remote can be ordered standalone from Apple.com for $59 ahead of retail availability sometime in the second half of May in the US and more than 30 countries and regions.