Tip: your iPhone’s stock Compass app has a level built into it

There’s a feature hiding inside of your iPhone’s Compass app that could come in handy in many scenarios.

You’ve probably downloaded third-party level apps from the App Store at one time or another to make sure that a picture frame or something you built turned out nice and flat without any signs of being crooked, but did you know you didn’t have to?

tvOS 10 preview: all-new Remote app with Siri voice control, tilt gaming & more

A software replacement for the physical remote that came in the box with your fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple’s entirely overhauled Remote application provides you with the full range of Siri Remote features complete with touch navigation, tilt-based control in games and voice input via Siri.

And in making tedious text entry on tvOS even easier than before, the new app lets you summon the keyboard right from the Lock screen of your iPhone by pressing a notification that automatically gets pushed every time you select a text field on the Apple TV.

MyReachability: reach all four corners of an app by mating the accelerometer with Reachability

MyReachability is the first compelling tweak that I’ve seen thus far involving Reachability. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but this could be a game changing tweak with a little bit of TLC.

MyReachability is from Korean developer Shine, the first such tweak I’ve seen of his, but hopefully not the last. That’s because what I found was something extremely impressive, innovative and practical.

MyReachability allows you to access various areas of an app via Reachability by tilting your device. It taps into the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ accelerometer to do this, and it makes accessing most areas of an app with one hand feasible.

Check out my video walkthrough of MyReachability after the break, and see why this new jailbreak tweak has me so excited.

New iPhones use two accelerometers for better power management

Apple is using two accelerometers in both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Chipworks has discovered in its extensive teardowns of the two handsets. The first is the three-axis BMA280 accelerometer, made by Bosch, and the second is believed to be InvenSense’s six-axis MPU-6700.

Why two? Interestingly enough, Chipworks believes that Apple decided to go with two accelerometers to improve power management and overall user experience. The InvenSense is more sensitive, and can do more things, than the Bosch, but it also draws a lot more power.

How to add LG-inspired ‘knock’ gestures to Activator

The LG-inspired KnockOn feature seems to be a big hit amongst the jailbreak community. We’ve already seen Elias Limneos’ KnockOn inspired tweak called SmartTap, and now we have Knock.

Knock is an Activator add-on that adds two new gestures to the mix: the ability to knock on (hard tap) the sides of the iPhone or the front and back of the iPhone. Knock uses the device’s accelerometer to detect knocks, and a lot of work has been put into its development to prevent false positives. Have a look at our video demonstration for more details.

Some users complaining of inaccurate iPhone 5s sensors

Heads up iPhone 5s owners: have you noticed that your Compass app readings are a little bit off? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It seems a number of users are complaining of inaccurate sensors on Apple’s latest handset.

More specifically, users have noticed that both their compass and inclinometers on their 5s devices are consistently off by a noticeable margin. The latter appears to be incorrect by 2 degrees, while the former is off by 8-10…

How to get iOS 7 styled parallax wallpaper on your iPhone

We’ve got an extremely cool new Lock screen theme to show you guys and it’s called iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens. This is a new WinterBoard theme that recently appeared on Cydia, and it completely transforms the iOS Lock screen.

The download includes 5 different theme packs that work well with both 4″ iOS devices, and smaller 3.5″ devices. Each theme pack features well over a dozen different wallpapers that all move around as you move your device.

Like the Parallax effect found in iOS 7, these new themes allow you to harness the device’s built-in accelerometer for a similar stylized effect. It’s something that really needs to be seen to full appreciate.

Have a look inside as we showcase iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens on video.

Apple patents movement-based iOS theft detector

Are you worried your priced iOS or Mac gadget may be stolen? Don’t fret, Apple’s got your back, according to a new patent filing. Apple plans to use the accelerometer inside iOS devices to detect a theft, then sound an alarm.

Key to preventing those annoying car alarm-like false alerts, Apple’s idea includes a special controller which ignores normal bumps and drops, instead listening for signals indicating a snatch-and-grab…

How to Scroll Web Pages Using Only Your Accelerometer

Sometimes you just don’t feel like exercising your index finger or thumb to scroll on your favorite webpages. Sometimes your fingers need a break.

A situation like this calls for a jailbreak tweak like PhyScroll, a tweak that allows you to scroll on any page using nothing more than your iDevice’s accelerometer. You’ve got to see it on video to get a good idea how it works, so check out our hands-on experience inside…