How to get iOS 7 styled parallax wallpaper on your iPhone

iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens HEro

We’ve got an extremely cool new Lock screen theme to show you guys and it’s called iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens. This is a new WinterBoard theme that recently appeared on Cydia, and it completely transforms the iOS Lock screen.

The download includes 5 different theme packs that work well with both 4″ iOS devices, and smaller 3.5″ devices. Each theme pack features well over a dozen different wallpapers that all move around as you move your device.

Like the Parallax effect found in iOS 7, these new themes allow you to harness the device’s built-in accelerometer for a similar stylized effect. It’s something that really needs to be seen to full appreciate.

Have a look inside as we showcase iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens on video.

As you can see, the effect is fairly dramatic, especially when using some of the more abstract wallpaper packs. The five different packs — Night Sky, Nature, Close Up, Cityscapes, and Abstract — all offer a unique set of wallpaper for you to enjoy.

Since this theme does utilize WinterBoard, you’ll need to open up WinterBoard and select and deselect the specific wallpaper packs in order to switch between them. I know WinterBoard has a negative stigma, but on newer devices like the iPhone 5, it works perfectly fine.

As a bonus, each theme contains its own Lock screen clock and weather information. The clock is there by default, and the weather info panel can be accessed by tapping the middle of the Lock screen. You’re advised to venture into the theme’s setup folder to properly configure the location ID of your area if you want to benefit from a local weather report.

The designer of iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens tells users to install a couple of supplementary tweaks in order to full benefit from his theme. First of all, it’s highly recommended that you install Lockscreen Clockhide, which is a tweak that allows you to hide the stock Lock screen clock. Since this theme includes its own built in Lock screen clock, I definitely recommend that you do this.

The next tweak that you should certainly consider is Lock screen Dim Delay. This is a tweak that allows you to delay the dimming of the Lock screen when no activity is present. This tweak will allow you to marvel at the beautiful wallpapers on your Lock screen without the device suddenly fading to black.

Obviously, a theme like iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens isn’t going to be the friendliest of themes when it comes to battery life, so proceed with caution. This is especially true if you use Lock screen Dim Delay. Though battery life is bound to take a hit with an immersive theme like this, if managed properly, it’s not a complete deal breaker.

For only $1.29 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo, I highly recommend you to check iOS 7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens out if you’re into theming. That’s quite a bit of value — over 100 different wallpapers, parallax effect, and 5 different wallpaper packs — for only $1.29. For that reason, I can recommend the theme with little reserve.

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