How to unblock emails you have blocked on Gmail

How to unblock email in Gmail

When you block someone on Gmail, all future emails from them go straight to the spam section. You do not get notifications for these emails, nor do they increase the unread count. Over a period, you may have blocked email accounts of several businesses, people, subscriptions, and such. But do you want to unblock them for any reason?

If yes, we show you easy ways to unblock blocked emails in Gmail using your computer or smartphone. You can choose to unblock just the one email, a selected few, or even all the blocked emails at once. Here's how.

How to enable Chat and Rooms, the new Gmail features everyone’s talking about on iPhone or Android

The Gmail app for iOS and Android recently received an update, which unlocked some new features. Google has been merging its services over the years and making things more streamlined. Last year, the company launched a redesigned Gmail app for G-Suite (now WorkSpace) users, which offered easy access to Chat, Rooms, and Meet. Now, these features are available for all users.

The best free Gmail apps for Mac

Gmail Apps for Mac-Mail for Gmail

You can certainly use the built-in Mail app on your Mac for Gmail. But maybe you’re not a fan of Apple’s Mail app or want other features. And you can access your Gmail online. But this isn’t always convenient for a quick inbox check.

With apps that were developed for use with Google’s Gmail, you can enjoy an experience different than Mail while still using a desktop app instead of the web. If Gmail is your primary email account and you want an app that fits it perfectly, check out these free Gmail apps for Mac.

Social Composer lets jailbreakers update social media and share messages from anywhere in iOS

Social media has become such an integral part of peoples’ day to day lives that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone without an app from this category on their smartphone or tablet. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or something else not listed here, the simple fact is many make use of these online tools in an effort to keep in touch with one another when they’re otherwise out of touch.

How to set a default email app other than Mail on iPhone and iPad

Default Mail App Options on iPhone

When Apple announced that iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 would allow users to select a default email app other than Mail, many were elated. While there’s nothing specifically wrong with Mail, some people just prefer a different app with other features.

If you’re one of those people and want to change the default email app on your iPhone or iPad, we’ll show you how. Then when you tap to open an email address or a link that lets you send an email, you can use your preferred app automatically without any extra steps.

Gmail, Outlook, Spark or Hey can now be set as your default email client on iPhone and iPad

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 added the ability to set your default email client and browser apps. It permits your favorite third-party email or browser app to launch instead of Apple's stock Mail and Safari apps anytime you click an email or web link. This requires not only support from developers who have opted to implement the feature, but also approval from Apple. Several email clients have added support for this capability, including Gmail, Outlook, Spark and Hey.